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This is a really bad time to be Jordyn Woods. The model who was Kylie Jenner’s best friend is struggling in not only her personal but also her professional life following allegations that she made out with Khloe Kardashian’s baby daddy.

Woods is being insulted on social media for betraying the Kar-Jenner klan despite them having always been like family to her. The 21-year-old whom the Kylie Cosmetics founder even referred to as Wifey has been relatively quite on the matter but had to go out to attend an event to promote her Eylure eyelashes.

Videos of her obviously came out in which she can be heard thanking the audience for supporting her business. It can be clearly seen that she’s distraught over whatever is going on in her life at the moment so much so that people have even pointed out that her eyes look swollen.

But the worst part? She looks so disheveled that commenters on Instagram are saying that Kylie has also taken her glam squad away. “She’s in need of Kylie’s glam team,” commented one person while another wrote, “Kylie must of confiscated all her wigs.”

Apart from her hair and her makeup, people are also slamming her outfit. “WTF is going on with that outfit? Everything else aside what was she thinking?” typed an Instagrammer. Several people on social media have called Jordyn Woods “dumb” and “stupid” for messing up her friendship with the reality TV show stars.

Before this controversy was disclosed on Tuesday, Jordyn used to live in Kylie’s guest house. She even went on Luxe vacations with her BFF, collaborated on a makeup collection with her, went to all the KarJenner parties and modeled for Khloe’s Good American label.

More details about this whole situation have not been disclosed yet. None of the Kardashians, Tristan Thompson or Jordyn Woods have spoke about the matter.