Hailey Baldwin’s latest picture is that of her taking a mirror selfie in a lacey vest. Some people think that this is her copying Selena Gomez who also recently posted a selfie wearing a vest.

Comparisons between these two in the comments’ sections of their Instagram are endless with some people going so far as to call Justin Bieber’s wife “manly looking” while others labeling Gomez a “chunky rabbit.”

Now with this latest picture of HB, apart from comparisons, accusations have also made their way into the room. A follower wrote, “Copying selena selfie” while another said, “Selena just posted a selfie of herself wearing a white vest!” One commenter even said that Hailey had posted this picture after Selena because she was fishing for attention.

Also, an Instagrammer blamed Hailey for always posting pictures when the Wolves singer does. “Stop copying Selena u post whenever she post and ur husband is nothing [but] a fake person,” said this Instagrammer. “Trying hard to compete with Selena,” read yet another comment.

Do you think that Hailey’s picture has anything to do with what Selena posted? We don’t think so. It can be a coincidence that both of them posted selfies clad in white. And if you look at it through a neutral eye, both the pictures are very different. Gomez has not posted a mirror selfie and her hair is open in waves while Hailey’s look is very different than this.

Ever since Hailey and Justin’s name got linked, the former Disney star has made sure to keep mum between the roars of gossip. If you don’t know, for a long time Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez kept dating on and off. However, since the Baby singer’s marriage, both the women have been targeted multiple times to the extent that Justin had to speak up about the matter even.