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If you have been keeping up with Kourtney Kardashian, you would be aware of what she’s up to these days. The mother of three is spending time with loved ones in Aspen, Colorado. Apart from two of her sisters, Kim and Kendall and brother-in-law, Kanye West, Scott Disick and his girlfriend Sofia Richie are also on the trip with her.

From her latest trip, Kourtney recently shared a series of shots in which she can be seen standing in bundles of snow wearing a jacket on top of a tiny bikini. In the first picture, Kourt is pulling her hair playfully, in the second she is holding her jacket’s hoodie. In the third snap, the 39-year-old has turned her backside to camera, exposing her bum to the audience.

While Kourt is all smiles in the pictures, people in the comments’ box don’t seem to be very impressed. One person wrote that Kourt was not dressed for the occasion, adding “you guys [the Kar-Jen sisters] are gonna be scary as all get out when you get old with all the plastic surgery you’ve had.”

Another user typed, “seeking validation and compliments. Sad.” Other people in the comments section expressed that Kourtney was too old to be posing half-naked like that. This is not the first time Kourtney Kardashian has been slammed for her Instagram pictures. The reality TV show star has been posting a whole lot of racy pictures lately and people think she’s doing so to gain Scott Disick’s attention.

Another picture which she posted earlier in December received massive backlash. In said picture, posted on December 6 to be exact, Kourt can be seen resting on the bed in a sexy LBD with Scott Disick sitting at the corner of the bed with daughter Penelope in his lap. Kardashian captioned the picture, “coparenting.”

Fans slammed Kourt for this picture as they thought she was playing mind games with her ex who has a girlfriend. They also thought she was being disrespectful to his girlfriend, Sofia Richie, and taking co-parenting a bit too far. Recently, Kourtney has been seen in several revealing outfits. Her most recent look on an outing with Scott and Sofia comprised of a sheer top and no bra.