Kylie Jenner is being dragged online. Her skincare line hasn’t even been released yet and people think one of her product’s is destined to be destructive.

The billionaire’s new business which she’s titled Kylie Skin is set to bring its first products to shelves on May 22. The line’s products include a toner, face wash, moisturizer, eye cream and a face scrub. And the scrub is what people have a problem with.

Basically, the Twitter page of the 21-year-old’s new business says that the scrub has been made of fruit extracts and walnut powder along with ginseng extract. And those who’ve worn their researcher’s hat think one of the ingredients in the product does more harm to skin than good.

If you dive deep into the workings of walnuts, you’ll also find that even in powder form they can cause micro tears in the skin. So, even though Kylie says that this scrub is the “secret” to her fresh skin and that she uses it about twice or thrice a week, the addition of walnut makes this product something that has a huge chance of being a big no-no for most users.





One person replied to Kylie Skin’s tweet saying, “This must be a joke walnut face scrub is SO bad for your skin! 2-3 times a week? OMG why is she doing this to her fans smfh.” Most people think that it cannot be possible that Kylie uses this scrub too while some think that her skin only looks fresh because she’s under 25.

However, the majority is of the view that Jenner is someone who gets beauty-enhancing surgeries which means the general public cannot relate to her level of beauty. “Well this is horrifying. A foaming face wash and a walnut scrub?! Tragic to think that millions of girls will buy this trash and destroy their skin barriers,” wrote yet another Twitter user. Will you be trying Kylie’s skincare products?