This is not the first time and definitely, it won’t be the last. Yet when he wore the white cable-knit sweater in Knives out, fans couldn’t help but make heart-eyes on Chris Evans.

The 38-year-old is known for his rather ‘nerdy’ choice of clothes. There was a time he was all about following the latest fashion but clearly age has refined his style.

Fortunately for the former Avengers star, he didn’t have to deviate too far away from his personal style in his latest film. The storyline that unfolds in Boston sees Chris and other characters in wool and other thick materials, very much like how Chris is often seen out and about.

Adding to his luck, not only does Knives out reveal how versatile an actor Evans is, but it also has been shot in Boston where he has his roots. And the movie has struck the right chords too as the audience has cheered and reviewers have had a great cinema experience too.


More than the movie though, it’s Chris’ sweater that has become a hit. The official Knives Out page on Twitter has also acknowledged the popularity of the ripped outerwear piece. And when the hashtag Chris Evans In A Sweater started doing rounds on the bird’s network, Jamie Lee Curtis also didn’t stay behind in sending out a tweet.


She wrote, “You know what they say… never work with children and animals. Well, I survived playing the mother of both Frodo Baggins and Harry Potter, and held my own with a Beverly Hills Chihuahua but now I am upstaged by a SWEATER!” In response, Chris tweeted, “Don’t worry, Jamie. That cable-knit is a one-trick pony. Let’s see it try and pull off a beach scene. No range.”


Jamie wasn’t the only co-star who talked about Evans’ sweater. Ana De Armas did as well. And the fans? They went crazy on twitter, bringing up all the times Chris Evans has absolutely rocked a sweater. “Chris Evans is the ONLY man who can pull off a cream cable-knit sweater,” wrote one fan on the social media network.




Many people tweeted Chris Evans’ pictures in which he can be seen wearing different sweaters. Designer of his character’s clothes in the movie, Jenny Eagan talked about the sweater and other outfits portrayed in the movie with The Hollywood Reporter.

While she couldn’t remember which brand the white cable-knit was of, she did say that the addition of sweaters was not random. The plan was to give off cozy vibes so that no one in the movie would be a suspect. Chris’ particular sweater that made him into a social media sensation once again was handed to him for two reasons.

Firstly, because his eyes went with it. Chris has stunning blue eyes with prominent lashes. And secondly, because his character is rich, arrogant and yet disrespectful to all the wealth he has inherited. So, it made sense for Ransom, his character, to wear white since the color doesn’t get dirty if you are rich.

What’s more, Eagan gave the sweater holes by ripping it herself here and there on purpose. Since Ransom is a rich lad who treats his clothes roughly, it went that his sweater wasn’t in tip-top condition. She also added that perhaps it was not the sweater that caught attention, but it did so because of the man who was wearing it.


“I’m not sure if it’s the sweater or who’s wearing the sweater,” joked the designer. Having a buff built, Chris Evans does do justice to the clothes he wears. The man manages to look great regardless of what he wears. Bet he can even make rags look good on him.