Chris Evans may not be on Instagram but he’s pretty active with a huge following on Twitter. The Avengers: Endgame actor often posts about his political opinions and interests. When he posts his views about the United States’ current pollical situation, he does so unabashedly. Some side with him, some don’t. Others are just thankful for his existence.

One of Evans’ latest tweets has people making heart-eyes at him. The star tweeted a science fact, adding how it had affected him. He wrote, ‘I stood up and began pacing while reading this. “But because black holes are incredibly adept at crushing down matter, a black hole equivalent to roughly five Earth-masses would be only about the size of a baseball”’

The actor also added how the fact had him feeling awe-inspired, ‘FIVE earth-masses?!? There’s so much magic everywhere, always.’ Not only did his nerdiness attract fans, but the official account of NASA also replied to him. Along with giving him another science fact, it continued, ‘Also, if you throw your shield at a black hole, it’s not coming back.’



In fact, even the National Science Foundation left a reply, also referring to the Avengers! It’s apparent that Avengers movies are watched by everyone. As for fans? As mentioned, they were smitten. One person replied, ‘Lol. This made me giggle! Beautiful space nerd.’ Another wrote, ‘the space nerd strikes again.’ A fan commented, ‘we love our space fanboy.’

Some fans also brought up his role as Captain America. One wrote, “As Captain America, I feel these are facts you should already know.” Another said, “Bruce Banner maybe, but Steve Roger’s wasn’t an astrophysicist.” A good chunk discussed other science facts making Chris’s tweet’s reply section an interesting though unexpected hub of knowledge.

Perhaps this is why the 38-year-old’s Twitter account is so fun to follow – it’s not all promotional content. In fact, he talks very less about his movies or what he’s up to. Only occasionally does he post photos of his dog, Dodger. And every time he does, fans go crazy! Clearly, everyone loves his pooch as much as they love him.

This doesn’t mean though that Chris’s tweets always gain sunshine-type comments. In fact, the actor was recently slammed in the comments’ section very severely. This happened when fans hit him with a wave of backlash over his movie Red Sea And The Diving Resort. The movie seemed to be a problematic one. Following that his view on another political issue also got negative comments.