When Chris Evans’ role as Captain America came to an end in Avengers: Endgame, people started speculating if his career would go downhill.

You’d think it would take time for that to happen. Unfortunately, it didn’t. The Playing It Cool actor is already being dragged and hated and he hasn’t even fully enjoyed his fame after the release of his Marvel movie in May.

Basically, people are calling Chris Evans out for being a racist. Several of his fans are hating on him for starring in Red Sea Diving Resort, a movie that they think promotes white supremacy. Not only has the film failed to win hearts despite being a Netflix release, it has also made a lot of people show a thumbs down to the 38-year-old dog-lover.

Looking at the current tensions between Palestine and Israel, many fans are not amused by his latest movie. They are calling him out for playing a role in a Zionist movie. In his most recent tweet Evans clarifies the fake status of viral meme.


However, people are disappointed that he doesn’t have the time to address a bigger issue – his appearance in a movie that doesn’t show any diversity, it just shows a bunch of white men as saviors. One person tweeted to Chris Evans, “you can apologize for a photoshopped meme but not for starring in a pro-israel film?? sounds about white.”


Another person wrote, “oh so you can’t say sorry for your new movie but you can tweet this smh.” So far, Chris has not commented on this matter. Some of his fans though have defended him, saying that RSDR is based on events that happened in the 80’s and not on today’s circumstances.

What do you think about this movie? It has garnered not only hate from fans but a lot of negative criticism from reviewers as well. Several are wondering if the actor will even be able to get better opportunities or if he’d now only get such roles in which he is a leader, a hero, movies that will make him fade in the background.