Our hearts go Malalalala…

… we are in love with her and we will tell you why

Okay, we know that this strong girl fought the whole terrorist organization with a mere bullet in her forehead. She ‘schooled’ them, indeed. Told them that women are stronger than them and no matter how much their pity mind may strive to defy the role and status of women, nothing is going to bring them down.

Nothing at all…

But those were the terrorists and they learnt their lesson when Malala Yousafzai got the UN Nobel Peace Prize and astonished the world all over with excelling grades thus getting a permit letter to join the most esteemed institute of the world, you guessed it – Oxford University. Everything looked peaceful. Until another threat arrived: The ‘Fashion Critics’…and this time this daring girl fought her way through too. All the girls in the world need to learn the ways to kill the fashion critics in the gentle Malala Way.

Girl Named Malala

Malala was born on 12th July, 1997 in Mingora, Pakistan, to proud parents Ziauddin and Toor Pekai Yousafzai. Ziauddin named his daughter after Malalai, a Pashtun heroine. There was something about this girl, or was it the name that spelled the magic, we don’t know for certain but she was different than others since the start.

The girl was bold and courageous and her birth was very much celebrated in the areas of Pakistan where girls are supposed to bring bad luck and most of them are buried alive.

Taliban were making sure that girls don’t get education out of fear that they might pose to be a threat for them in future and then there was Malala who put her heart and soul into education. Using the pen name “Gul Makai” to protect her identity, Malala began blogging for the BBC about life under the Taliban. She spoke about girls rights and it came to such an extent when the so called superior men decided to kill the girl for her bravery.

Mere 11 year old with a bag full of books became a focal point of men decline. It was October of 2012, when Taliban shot her down to save manhood from the evils of child education. The girl carrying bag and books, fought for her life for over a month.


The girl survived, started the world wide movement for girls education and rights, changed the fate of her homeland by the power of education, opened schools, won the Nobel Peace Prize and the bullet instead of killing her ideas made them stronger.

The New Attacker

So who is the new attacker?

This time it’s…You.

Social media sparked with hatred and Malala was trolled over the internet after the unverified pictures of her went online. In the picture, Malala was shown walking towards her university in the busy streets of London. The passersby hardly noticed her but no one escapes our eye.

No one just gets to live peacefully just because they have won a Nobel Peace Prize. Who is she to wear what she likes? Certainly, the choice of jeans and the shirt demands our judgement and brutal comments. Let’s come together and assassinate her character.

Oh and while we the fashion gurus are at it, let’s just forget what Malala did for this world. She deserves to be slaughtered for the dress she wore. How insane of her.

Dress: Cause of Moral Assassination

There are a lot of misconceptions in this world and perhaps the most dangerous of them all is that dress is a mere dress, nothing else. Unfortunately, we live in the world where dresses have become a vital part of who we are and are thus used to induce moral assassinations bullets at the poor, practically unaware victims.

The way you choose to dress up in public defines you. It plays a much wider part and becomes the part of your personality. It’s your brand name. Your personality and your values and ethics come later. First impression is the last impression lads and the piece of cloth that you are warping around your body is who you are.

The Dress She Wore

In the picture Malala was seen wearing rough and black colored simple pants (which was neither too tight nor too loose). It looked acceptable. She was seen wearing a decent jacket that covered most part of her body. Plus, her head was hidden in a woolen scarf with little or no hair in sight. Her face was veiled behind thick frame of glasses that she usually wears.

There was nothing wrong with it.

Honestly, the dress complimented her religion, her culture and her homeland.

Battling Fashion Critics

However, what came next astonished many of us. The way this young girl choose to deal with the abusers who consider themselves the fashion guru’s and claim to know what’s right and wrong with others, amazed the world all over.

So the next time someone harasses you over what you are wearing, you know what to do. Apply the ‘Malala Way’ on abusers and watch how their criticism dies a slow painful death.  

The Malala Way

These are the gems that Malala taught us when it comes to battling fashion abusers:

  1. Practice Fashion that Compliments You

The religions all over the world may differ in their teaching and practice but none of them states that your creator brought you in this world to please others. So don’t fall prey to it.

You’re not here to make sure people find you acceptable by their standards. Just remain who you are and wear what you feel like because people don’t matter. The criticism of people should never affect what you choose to wear next. It’s your life. Live it while you are alive.

  1. Don’t Disregard Your Values

While you are wearing what you like, just don’t disregard your values.

If Malala wanted to follow the westerners she would have thrown away the dupatta and would have preferred wearing more fashionable pants with a shirt. Wear what you feel comfortable in but don’t ever let go of your core, which is your own values that are a part of you. Thanks to the religion you follow and culture you have lived in.

  1. Own It

Don’t be afraid and stay strong!

Don’t ever apologize for what you wear. Rather, be courageous enough to own it and never fall down because of it. You wore a dress because you felt like it. You owe nothing to anyone. Don’t ever feel ashamed and never ever say you’re sorry for it, especially when deep down you are well aware that there was nothing wrong with it in the first place.

  1. Ignore It

Ever sat down and analyzed what is it that the hater seeks?

Yes, it’s your reaction.

Malala taught us to remain silent. To give zero response to the abuser and to remain unchanged. Why waste your energy in explaining what you wear to someone who is going to hate you anyway. If they liked you they wouldn’t have hated you for a mere dress.

Ignore. Let go. Forgive them silently and continue being who you are.

While they are out their hating, one should realize their time effectively, for example, how about going to Africa and motivating young girls to study?

  1. Kill them with Kindness

To top it all off, maintain your grace. Continue smiling. Focus on the positive things around you and let go of the negative vibes. Make no harsh comments about the haters. After all you are not them for a reason. Be kind to all, be it your hater.

In short, kill their abuse attempts with kindness.


Make sure you implement the Malala Code whenever someone mocks your dress while you cross the street or makes you the victim of constant stare abuse or worse verbal abuse. We live in a world where women and men both are mocked for their dresses on daily basis.

We ourselves are the abusers at time and we do it without realizing how adverse it is for the victim’s peace of mind and life in general.

Be a bigger person. No comments matter. You choose the fashion you want to follow and no one has any say in it. Let the people laugh at you. It just shows that they notice you.

The little girl taught us a lot. Those of you who think Malala lost her charm:

If a bullet through the head couldn’t stop her,

You think your comments will?