Just the headline and I am sure you are all going weak in the knees with the wave of excitement that has taken over you. There is no denying the lipstick is a girl’s best friend and that it is the one makeup item that you can’t live without. It sure is an art to carefully organize and select lipsticks but just the act of buying and collecting lip shades is a divine one that bestows peace from tip to toe. That’s, of course, a page from the shopaholic’s diary but I am sure every woman, in general, would agree.

Lately, our purses are about to have a mini heart attack though with the new matte liquid lipstick launched by Pat McGrath. It’s a full-fledged blessing in the shape of lipsticks that will help us rejoice with no chapped or dried lips.

McGrath herself describes the collection as, “This is a kit [that caters to] how I and my team play with liquid lipsticks backstage at shows… It’s really a kind of artistry: ombrés, layering.”

Ladies, now that we have alternatives, let’s really put our confessions out in the open for once and accede to the ugly side of matte lipsticks. Although they are long-lasting bombshells that lend your lips a drop dead gorgeous diva’s look but look at the dark side! Your lips are all chapped and dry as a wilting flower by the end of the day. Unless you have a lip exfoliator or balm to hydrate your lips back to life, matte lipsticks can be somewhat troublesome.

So far we’d been compromising, standing uncomplaining in the name of the beauty that accompanies the use of matte lipsticks. But now that we have Pat McGrath’s New Liquid Matte Lipsticks we are free to voice our concerns. After all, we already have the much needed alternative beauty weapon.

The Heart Warming Collection by Pat McGrath

The beauty legend has just launched its liquid matte collection in eight mind-blowing shades that let you twirl through your day without having to feel all perched. The internal battle of having sipped less water and false accusations of boasting low hydration all come to a final conclusive end with this launch.

This is probably the best gift that the brand can give us all for this holiday season. Pat includes a special message with the launch too, saying in a statement, “The spirit of the holiday season, for me, is mesmerizing magic, sublime sparkle, and the chance to pout, provoke, and pose at the year’s best parties,”

Reviewers are head over heels in love with the new lipstick line. The beauty director, Dana Oliver, at Yahoo lifestyle tells, “LiquiLUST007, is without a doubt the most comfortable liquid matte lipstick I’ve ever worn.”

What’s In The Bombshell Collection?

The dream-come-true liquid lipstick collection comes in sleek, simple lacquered tubes that are love at first sight. There are eight dynamic shades to pick from. Each comes for $38 and ranges in colors from a deep eggplant to a mauve-pink; colors that easily pluck at the strings of a lipstick lover’s heart.

The mesmerizing shade lists include divine nude, slay-omi (a pinkish-brown), possessed (dusty pink), revelation red (perfect crimson), wreckage totale (fushia love), femme moderne (beige), nightshade (deep purple), and deceit (mauve-brown).

There are kits offered too! Something that we’d love to welcome in our much dried-lips needy lives. McGrath offers a kit of 75 dollars that is packed with Pat’s clear gloss to be worn solo or atop the lipstick and the signature shimmery microfine pigment. There is an Everything 9-piece kit too that comes with the price tag of 150 dollars.

Oh, but be sure to hit the stores right away as the collection is a limited edition.