The City of Lights was lit at the Paris Fashion Week with fabulous ensembles, glamorous accessories, and all things lovely. The scoop of style was impressive and we saw fashion take a feminine turn with ruffles, feathers, and skirts being in the spotlight. From vintage to modern, each look had something unique yet nostalgic to offer. Polka dots, florals, and a cheetah print were seen running back into the veins of fashionistas. Leather jackets, midi skirts and trench coats; since the season up next is winter there is plenty of inspiration to gain. These looks have ladies wanting to run to shopping malls to arm themselves with the latest collections.

The models paraded it all; from casual attires to glitzy outfits perfect for party mode. But since fashion can’t keep still without running off in unusual – and extraordinarily odd – directions, the masses had their eyes treated to some one-of-a-kind wackiness as well. We’re not sure who these styles are for; men, women or perhaps aliens, nor do we think we’ll ever know. Hopefully, such bizarre sightings are mostly just a one-time thing. Below is an overview of the weirdest Paris Fashion Week had to showcase:

The padded bedsheet dresses

A ready-to-wear dress by Rick Owens was displayed that wouldn’t let the women sporting these outfits pass through doors or fit in cars. The look is certainly a head-turner and that is one thing that even the strictest of critics can’t deny. Confining but still plenty breathable with multiples of holes.

John Galliano sprinkled joy as he unleashed a rather mangled travel dressing collection. There was also this mega tent-gown that the Paris Fashion Week served wackiness with and left all and sundry speechless. Vivienne Westwood too had a model sporting a puffy shawl that was more on the blanket side than the shawl side.

No-way shoes

By no-way we mean two things; first off, not sure where these are coming from (or heading to) secondly, no way is anyone going to get these! Elf shoes, aka the pointy tip sneakers, made people scream a big no-no. Followed by Balenciaga Crocs that were about crocs coming with a high platform heel, delightful adornments and a whole lot of discomfort.

Then there were the intricate pumps covered with translucent plastic bags. Also, the sandal and boot blend with wrap around straps featuring 3D flowers. Definitely pixie-ish but not practical. Heeled flipflops also made their appearance and stunned people quite literally.

Bags for the laughs

Where certain outfits and shoes gave people something to tweet about, bags weren’t left behind either. There were travel bags that looked more like quilted pillows. Some would call these impractical but since they can double up as pillows, doesn’t that mean that in a twisted way these are more practical? There were also bags that seemed to be made of luggage tags wrapped in plastic. We’re still wondering when plastic became this popular. There was certainly a lot of it in various forms. A clutch bag that resembled a folded newspaper also made its way to the stage.

The list doesn’t end here; we saw models with smeared lipsticks and dresses embellished with toys. Accessories also took an odd turn with huge cherries for ear pieces, personal curtains, and construction hats. Log into your social media accounts and you’d know more about how people are reacting to the Paris Fashion Week trends. Though there were many more funny bits, a major part of the show had people clapping appreciatively.