Pakistani dramas are known for the amazing storylines that they are based on.

Most of the times, they offer such fantastic moral values in the end that the viewers keep rewatching them on repeat from time to time.

In recent times, there have been a lot of dramas conceived by the writers that were loved by the audience as they had shown some dark realities of the society.

Some of the best dramas based on social issues that you definitely should watch are as follows:

1. Damsa

Based on the story of the abduction of children, this drama showed a hard-hitting reality of society.

What gave life to the story was the amazing acting by Nadia Jamil and Shahood Alvi. It unveiled how small kids are abducted and then trafficked to other places where they are forced to beg.

Issue Based Pakistani Dramas of 2020


2. Ruswai

Ruswai is a drama that you surely need to watch as it shows the real issues of rape and married life. It also un-veiled how the problem of divorce should be tackled well.

Sana Jawaid plays the role of a rape survivor and aced it really well. Whenever you get time, you should watch it and it will show you the real realities of the society.

Issue Based Pakistani Dramas of 2020


3. Ghalti

Hira Mani and Affan Waheed gave their career-best performances in this drama.

The drama revolved around problems faced by a newly married couple, due to the temper issues of the husband.

What sets this drama apart from others is that it shows women as strong and empowered characters, rather than weak and shallow ones.

Issue Based Pakistani Dramas of 2020

4. Udaari

The drama Udaari showcased the societal issue of child rape and how kids are molested in Pakistani society.

What made this drama such a popular one amongst the audience was the amazing acting of every character of this drama.

Be it Saba Hameed, Ahsan Khan, Urva Hocane or Farhan Akhtar, everyone played the characters really well.

Main victim nahi, survivor hoon': Udaari delivers its most important message yet - Film & TV - Images


5. Baaghi

Based on the life of actress and model Qandeel Baloch, this drama revealed the misogynist side of society.

The main character was played by none other than Saba Qamer, and one has to say that she has played her part exceptionally well.


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