June 26, 2022

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Owners of Samsung Connected TVs dating from 2022 will soon have access to hundreds of Xbox titles from their screen without owning the console.

Microsoft and Samsung have announced that owners of Samsung-connected TVs that have been dating since 2022 will soon have access to hundreds of Xbox titles from their screens without having to own a console.

Video games will be available in 27 countries from June 30.

The shooting game will be part of a list of “blockbusters” such as “Hollow Infinite” or racing simulation “Forza Horizon 5”.

With “Cloud Gaming” (Remote Video Game) all topics can be accessed on the Xbox app without downloading.

Users can connect controllers to their TV via Bluetooth so they can play their favorite games.

They must have an Xbox Game Pass subscription. Microsoft claims that more than 25 million users worldwide use this paid “cloud gaming” service.

The most popular online survival game “Fortnite” is offered for free.

Samsung and Microsoft have already entered into partnerships, especially to allow Xbox GamePass subscribers to benefit from certain services on smartphones from the Korean manufacturer’s Galaxy range. For its part, Samsung has signed deals with several video game streaming services, including Stadia (Google), GeForce Now (Nvidia) and Domic.

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