May 17, 2022

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Outriders Worldslayer preview: Is it worth returning to Enoch?

Outriders Worldslayer preview: Is it worth returning to Enoch?

If you enjoyed throwing fireballs and teleporting like a ninja in Outriders last year, I have some great news: developer People Can Fly gives you every reason to come back with its upcoming expansion, Worldslayer. As imperfect as it was, Outriders pretty much hit all the right notes with me upon its release, but some of that momentum was lost amidst catastrophic server issues right out of the gate and a largely fallen story. With Worldslayer, Outriders seem poised for a comeback, and if what you’ve played so far is any indication, this 2.0 upgrade to the unforgettable shooter might be exactly what the Doctor ordered.

Worldslayer seems to be laser-focused on making everything about Outriders bigger. New areas unlocked in Enoch, allowing me to traverse a whole new set of biomes and kill some unique monsters in the process. New weapons and armor have been added for some fresh and hot fighting freshness. Most exciting of all, some new end-game progression options have been added for those who want to dive deep into the construction industry and play long after the campaign is over and dusted off.

New places I visited in my time with the Worldslayer included a frozen wasteland with giant snowy rhinos along with areas that turned me into ice and a total swamp where a very rude hunter tried to slice my face with a knife. The added variety of locations and enemies was obviously welcome, but not as much as the new weapons and armor you found along the way, which are now stronger than ever. Some new games called Apocalypse Items are now being dropped with a third mod slot, which helped me take my build to the next level. I found an ice-themed machine gun that boosted my enemies’ health and expanded with my anomalies as well as a set of armor that froze enemies around me whenever my health was low. I had already considered Outriders’ building crafting system to be one of the best out there, and with Apocalypse items it seems to get even better.

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I had already considered Outriders’ building crafting system to be one of the best out there, and with Apocalypse items it seems to get even better.

As you’d expect from any expansion worth its salt, Outriders: Worldslayer also features a new story – although I can’t say I’m convinced it would be enough to draw me into its strange, confusing world. Perhaps because I’ve played so much of Destiny, a sci-fi shooter that has long struggled with the same ailment, but the vanilla version of Outriders struggled to tell a story while toying with all the space magic. So far, it looks like Worldslayer won’t get any closer to solving this problem with a story that revolves around The Anomaly expanding on Enoch and a prophecy foretelling the end of the world. But as Destiny has proven: If you succeed at most other things, many people won’t mind a forgotten story, so that probably isn’t a deal breaker.

But the important thing for me is that Worldslayer offers not one, but two new progression systems that will make your Outrider even more badass. Pax Points, which are earned by advancing through the campaign and unlocking new perks that expand on the already extensive skill trees found in the base game. Trickster, for example, has a new Spectral Spike option that adds a 100% chance of dealing extra damage when using skills that match the strength of the anomaly – some of these new additions are no joke!

After reaching the maximum level, you will also unlock climb-up points, which allow you to increase the level of your character’s abilities up to 200 times. It is similar to Diablo 3’s Paragon system, in that additional improvements are obtained for those who really want to squeeze every ounce of possible energy into their build. I haven’t been able to see this in action myself, but extending the endgame beyond the main campaign can go a long way to keep me engaged this time around. We’ll see if Worldslayer manages to do exactly that when it drops later this year.

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