Social media is both a boon as well as bane. Where at one side it has turned out to be extremely advantageous for people who use it in a positive manner, at the other side it is becoming a constant cause of the distress for some people. While talking about the former, social media acts as a real source of connectivity among people. Living millions of miles away, they still can stay connected, thanks to the social media applications. It has also become a source of income for a lot of tech geeks. On the other hand, these social media applications are also being used by some in extremely negative manner.

A recent example of a few boy who name and shame women showcases the negative side of social media. These boys are merely 16 to 18 years old, and study in some of the highly acclaimed colleges in Dehli, the capital of India.

These college boys have made various social media accounts, especially on Instagram. They post obscene pictures of girls over there, and discuss about raping them. These accounts got in public yesterday, when some screenshots of these groups were leaked by someone. The screenshot had obscene discussion about underage girls. Surely, these conversations glorified the rape culture and the toxic masculinity for which Dehli is always infamous.

Once the news came out, a proper social media monitoring was held. More accounts of such manner were exposed, and an FIR was filed against all these accounts. The most famous group among them is the ‘Bois Locker Room’, which was shamed by people across all social media apps. According to the IT Act, all the members of these groups got FIRs issued against them. Till now, ten participants of these groups were identified and out under the radar. The most shocking thing is that all the members of these group are under eighteen, and considered to be minors. As per law, they will be dealt according to the laws chalked out for Juveniles.

As soon as these screenshots got public, they were criticized by the Netziens. Most of the celebrities residing in India shamed them by using their social media accounts. Celebrities like Jameela Jamil and Sonam Kapoor Ahuja have raised their voices against this on Social Media. They used their accounts on Instagram and shamed the boys who were a part of this hassle.

However, there is a great point that is raised after this incident. With more and more obscene item songs becoming a part of all the Bollywood movies and inappropriate advertisements being showcased on television, is it really the fault of these boys. Shouldn’t the censor board of the media be more concerned about all the indecent content being shown on the screen? Along with this, a great responsibility lies on the shoulders of the parents. They should really be there to be aware of the activities of their kids and keep a strong check on them.