While our hearts will Always and Forever love The Originals, we all know that there’s truth in what Vincent says at the end of the first episode of the final season. The beginning of the end is here, and no matter how much that knowledge bugs fans, we’re all just too excited, too hungry for this show to care about it. At least, for now. How can The CW think that ending TO would be a good idea?

The series that started off as a spin-off of The Vampire Diaries in 2013, has come a long way since and fans have fallen in love with every bit of it. From the manic acts of the vampires, the sacrifices of the witches, the downfall of the werewolves, Kluas and Kol’s undeniably hot accents and so much more, the past four seasons have been nothing short of PERFECT.

Now we’re all too accustomed to the mantra “family above all,” and Josh staying alive amidst all the chaos and mayhem. The first episode Where You Left Your Heart thrusts us seven years forward, but the family is still broken and Klaus is crazier than ever. Elijah is living peacefully in ‘Amnesia land’ while Hayley is sauntering around with new guy Declan who happens to be a human chef.

His face looks like one of those guys that Klaus is going to kill in his frenzy and though, that’s not set in stone, we’re feeling sorry for the innocent character who will probably soon be exposed to the Mikaelson family drama. We find Hayley, ever the caring mother, playing the role of an almost single mom because Klaus has estranged his daughter, not only to maintain distance because of the Hollow but because he believes he’ll be a monstrous dad.

Hope, deprived of fatherly love, seeks attention just as much as we seek a glimpse of more of this show every time an episode closes. She’s sold her blood to a friend named Henry and turned him into a hybrid, stirring trouble like her father, in the very first episode. Her aunt Freya, on the other hand, needs time out to visit her girlfriend Keelin in Lebanon whom she has been in touch with via a magical version of Skype.

Marcel finally proposes Rebekah but despite the love between them and Marcel’s looks, she refuses. Because, family above all. We were also glad to see the connection that the siblings still shared and a peek at Kol who seems to be enjoying his life with Davina. As per the wishes of fans, Caroline also visits the show, Klaus in particular and advices him to clean the blood off the glass. And share a few words with his daughter with the help of some ancient devices called cellphones.

As the episode’s curtains are about to be closed Hayley is nowhere to be found, we saw her getting attacked by no one in particular, Marcel making plans to get back to New Orleans, and Klaus coming back to find Hayley. All the hints of blood splattering and pouring in all its glory do make us think that the Hollow might be rising again.

Fans can’t wait for the next episode with how well-orchestrated the first one was. Apart from Caroline, we’d be glad to get a look at Davina as well. We’re hoping that the Hope-centric spin-off that is being hinted at does make its way to our screens with all the lives of our favorite characters intact. Episode 2, One Wrong Turn on Bourbon, airs next week same time, same day.