If you are someone who is in love with shopping and always ends up buying loads of things, you must have encountered the problem of SPACE.

This is especially relevant for those who already live in a small place and have no extra space to fill up with the day-to-day items.

If going minimalist is not something that you can do, here are a few storage items you need to get your hands on.

1. Undergarments organizer

Every morning, if you end up spending a lot of time in finding your undergarments from under the table, on the chair, inside the drawers or beneath the cupboard, it is time to get your hands on an undergarment organizer.

You can place all your bras, underwears and even the thongs in it, and it will save a lot of space and hassle for you.

Simple Houseware Closet Underwear Organizer Drawer Divider 4 Set, Gray

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2. Shoe Rack

Managing the shoes is a tough task.

This is especially true when the space in the closet is very less, and one needs more place to assemble his shoes neatly.

A shoe rack becomes a necessity at such point of time.

At a cost of merely 36 dollars, you can get your hands on quite a reliable show rack from here.

3. Tea Organizer

Are you tea addict who always keeps on losing your favourite tea bag flavours?

Not anymore.

For those who have small kitchens with huge items to be stored in them, a tea organiser comes in handy.

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4. Silverware sorter

A messy kitchen is such a put-off.

No one really wants to make food at a place where everything is messed up.

For your kitchen, the perfect item to opt for is a silverware sorter, which will keep all your cutlery safe and sound.

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5. Slide-Out Storage 

A slideout storage is bascially a separate space where you can place all the items that you dont find space for anywhere else.

You can put this anywhere you want, and slide it out when you need to take an item out of it.

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