During Sunday’s Grammy awards, Disney fans got a wish granted – only that it didn’t work out as hoped. A special look at the upcoming live-action remake of Aladdin was released which sent social media crowds into mayhem.

Why? Because people think the movie will be horrible. Everywhere on the internet, folks are pointing out how blue Will Smith’s genie looks, how rotten the CGI is, and how Jafar lacks swag. Many people are calling Aladdin a low budget movie which is meant to be disappointing.

Fans on YouTube think that all of Disney’s money has been put into the making of the live-action Lion King movie, leaving little for Aladdin’s remake. Expectations were high when initially it was announced that Aladdin would be remade in live-action form. However, now people are almost certain that the movie will fail them.

“Walt Disney is turning in his grave,” wrote one commenter on YouTube. Another person typed, “Jafar is supposed to be a ‘Scary villain’ not a prepubescent man child, he should be more aged and have a rasp & grittiness in his voice. And Will Smith should have not been made blue and just made him look like a more human version of the genie not a horrendous blue butt plug.”

OUCH! This is not the first time Will Smith’s genie version has been slammed. When Entertainment Weekly had revealed the first cover of the movie with Smith’s genie in his disguised human form, fans had expressed disappointed over the genie not being blue.

Many people are comparing the Men In Black actor’s look in Aladdin to that of a Smurf or Avatar. “Looks like Will Smith didn’t have enough time to change between the sets of The Avatar and Aladdin,” said one YouTuber. “It’s hurting my eyes, somebody please delete this video,” said another person echoing the thoughts of many who believe the movie should be un-done.

People are also saying that this Aladdin movie looks like it is not a Hollywood but a Bollywood movie. Even more so are blaming bad CGI and wondering if more of it is needed to complete the missing parts. Naomi Scott who plays Jasmine is also being slammed; people think she shouldn’t have been cast because she doesn’t look Arabian at all.

This makes us wonder, is Guy Ritchie’s Aladdin going to be a huge failure? Because the first trailer surely has the majority clicking on the dislike button. Guess we’ll only find out whether or not this movie manages to make it up to fans in theaters on May 24.