Online shopping is the new black that is here to stay. The trend that has us gripped in awe and wrapped around its electronic finger. From one part of the world to another, across lots of countries in between, things are shopped and donned like you just got them from the store that is standing in the local mall. It was a long time ago when people would kill to get a single product from the brand they wanted but it wasn’t located in their vicinity, now people just have to click a button and viola, within a few days, the item sits on your dresser.

Instead of marveling at the speed and convenience though, let’s focus on the online fashion startups that are playing an enticing tune for our shopaholic heart. Here are a few:

Frank Body

On a casual morning, two friends were sitting together at a friend’s café, sipping their coffee. A woman strolled in and asked for some coffee remains to which these girls inquired about from their friend. She said because coffee is a natural exfoliator and women use it to exfoliate. And that’s where the bright idea hit and with just $10,000 as their initial investment, Frank Body took off for flight.

It’s a pretty good flight though, no turbulence or so. Since its launch in 2015, the Australian beauty brand has sold 2.2 million of its coffee ground-based body scrubs. Presently, it ships products to 149 countries.


Founded in 2006, TOMS is primarily the online spot to get your shoes that are made of high quality. The company initially only sold shoes but it has now opened up a line of eyewear too. There is a surprising cheery on top too and it is that for every pair of shoe that you purchase, one goes free to charity. This makes our heart pound louder for this fascinating online fashion startup.


From Prada to Gucci to Charles and Keith and you are already tired? You want to view their websites in a single window but of course, they can’t merge to allow you that sort of comfort. But who cares if they can or they cannot magically merge for a day for you to select the product that your heart desires the most. Because Lyst brings them all together so that your shopping cart is full of a variety of brands.

Founded in 2010, Lyst brings together 9000 designers and 2000 stores for you. It’s all things stylish in one place.


You don’t need to take a pill in Ibiza (Spain) to shop from Barcelona. That’s because color splashed and vibrant designs decided to jump the online bandwagon and bless us all with the goodness of the cuts and youthful dresses that Desigual has to offer.

Seriously, if you have ever wanted to shop a dress that speaks for itself and mirrors your attitude as well, you wouldn’t have to wait for going to Spain someday. Because this highly loved and an entirely color busted outlet has opened up an online store that will leave you in awe.


Who doesn’t want attention when you put on high heels and wear a popping lip shade. Add 3D printed attires to the mix and boom, you are a beauty blast. Question is where do you get 3D printed fabrics? The answer is Electroloom.

This is another online startup that has our hearts and allows you to get 3D printed clothing that is completely ordered on-site for custom-made clothing. This probably has you heart exploding with excitement because online means you can avail it right away!

Love The Sales

This unique newly found love is an online fashion startup that will allow you to shop through all the sales on the web. Love The Sales saves you from the blaring details, drills them down, and brings to your attention the items on sale so that you can add more value to your shopping. So now you know that you can shop during month-end too, which is beyond wicked!