Did you know that Kim Kardashian had a lookalike? Well, she does and the model who looks like a ditto copy of hers is named Shana Evers.

Shana Evers is an Australian who has also authored a book but apart from her personal accomplishments she is best known for being the mother of Egypt Ratumaitavuki aka Little Miss Egypt.

If you remember, Little Miss Egypt first rose to fame when she was just a babe and her parents showed off her pictures on Facebook. Soon, her angelic eyes and rosy cheeks made her into a social media sensation.

Shana shares her daughter Egypt with Sam Ratumaitavuki who is best known by his stage name Fortafy. The model herself is aware of her striking resemblance to Kim K as she mentioned some years back, “I often get referred to as a Kardashian due to my resemblance to Kim in most of my photos.”


If you take a look at Shana’s pictures, you’ll be able to notice the similarities she shares with the Keeping Up with the Kardashians reality TV star yourself. But it’s not like only Shana knows about the Kardashians. The famous Kardashian sisters know her too!

After Kim K’s Paris robbery scene Shana and Kim met once in Dubai at Mario Dedivanovic’s masterclass where these two ladies even had their picture clicked together. Moreover, when Egypt was 8-months-old, she was also sent a gift with a personalized note from Khloe, Kourtney, and Kim Kardashian from their Kardashian Kids line.

Fortafy and the Kardashian Kid’s Instagram accounts both shared the mini happening which garnered several likes. “It was awesome to be acknowledged and really made me proud as a parent,” said the producer and app developer.

Apart from how Kim’s and Shana’s facial features look similar, Shana also has a booty that can be said looks somewhat like Kim’s.