Another undercover celebrity wedding just happened. Pictures are proof that Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth tied the knot over the weekend. Hemsworth’s surfer friend Conrad Jack Carr posted pictures to Instagram’s stories’ section that showed a small celebration and a massive cake with Miley and Liam dressed as the bride and groom.

The words “Mr. and Mrs.” can be read on the balloons posted in the second story and holy mother of wine, did Miley Cyrus just get married? Woah, that was super sneaky because clearly no one caught a clue! It’s clear from the shots that their wedding was low-key and arranged at the last minute just as Miley had wanted it to be.

The former Hannah Montana star was clad in an off-the-shoulder white dress and Liam was in a tux in the Insta story. They were both about to cut a tiered cake while everyone around them was in casual clothes. While this is a surprise for fans its not an entirely unexpected one.

In March this year, an insider had told Entertainment Tonight, “she hasn’t announced anything because she is being very secretive so only their friends will know and at the very last minute.” The source had further added, “this time they are doing everything their own way.”

However, after that for several months, most reports said that the 28-year-old Hunger Games star and Miley were not planning to get married soon. “Miley has actually said she doesn’t want to get married, despite the engagement. She doesn’t think it makes a relationship better,” another source had said.

Earlier this month Miley Cyrus had said that her love for her fiancé reached its peak when she saw him rescue animals from the Malibu fire. She called him her “survival partner” because “that is why you pair up with someone, for survival.”