Fans of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina we have some really, really good news for you. It seems like Gavin Leatherwood and Kiernan Shipka are more than just on-screen lovers. They are surely dating in real life too unless the Sabrina actress is trolling us. Btw, if she is doing that she’s doing it very smartly. But again, it doesn’t seem like a joke.

So this is what has confirmed that the co-stars are dating – Kiernan just shared two snaps with the 25-year-old on her Instagram that are oh-so-cute. And these aren’t some regular pictures of her hanging out with Gavin. To be honest, the pics are rather steamy with a shirtless Gavin tightly hugging Kiernan, who happens to be wrapped in a red towel.


These don’t appear to be images of them from the set rather the snaps seem to have been captured while they were spending leisurely time together. And why would either of them think it appropriate to hug while almost unclothed unless they were dating or friends with benefits?

What has fueled the speculation even more is the comment that Gavin Leatherwood has left on the pics. He typed, “I love you so much. You are the best ever. Love of my life and the queen of my world. And btw this is totally Gavin and not Kiernan stealing his phone.” It’s clear that the sappy comment was written by Kiernan, not Gavin.

But, but, but what was his phone doing in her hands? Does she have the password? Hmm, things seem to be going well between them. In response, Kiernan replied from her own account, “aww gavin! Thank you. love you too.” Of course, fans went crazy when they saw these images and left enthusiastic comments.

In March, rumor came out that the Mad Max star was dating Charlie Oldman, son of Gary Oldman. In April again, Kiernan and Charlie were caught on cameras in one frame. Then Charlie also confirmed the rumors, almost, when he posted a selfie with Kiernan. However, after those few sightings of them and the rare pic that Charlie shared, they have not been spotted together.

This is not the first time Kiernan Shipka has shared a picture with Gavin Leatherwood. Previously, she has shared several photographs of herself with her CAOS co-stars. Even Ross Lynch has starred in many of her posts. However, this particular one with Gavin was the first of its kind. Surely it was a treat to Nabrina fans who were already wondering if these two could be dating.


After all, Ross Lynch did hint that there’s more smooching happening on the set behind-the-scenes than apparent to fans. Unfortunately though, it doesn’t seem likely that Sabrina and Nick will end up together in part 3 of CAOS. Kiernan Shipka’s character will probably make her way back to Harvey. But again at the end of the day, none of that can be confirmed until the S03 is actually out.