Do you smell another engagement around the corner? Because Zayn Malik might give just that to you. Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid have been in a relationship for a long time now. So, it’s definitely not coming off as a surprise that the Entertainer singer is looking forward to proposing his girlfriend.

The half-Pakistani crooner has been in love with the Victoria’s Secret model for a long time now. In public eye, the couple has been dating for the past two years with the exception of hardly a month as they broke up in March this year and patched up their differences in April.

According to The Daily Star, Zayn wants to propose Gigi “to prove his love.” To explain matters further, the British tabloid wrote what the insider had further revealed to it. “He’s head over heels in love and wants to prove to the world he’s committed, and their relationship is the real deal,” the insider informed.

This comes off as a slight surprise because it was Zayn himself who had said in an interview with GQ magazine that he and his GF were “adults” who didn’t “need to put a label on it, make it something for people’s expectations.” Fast forward to now and the source close to Zayn has said, “Despite temporarily splitting for seven weeks earlier this year, Zayn is still considering proposing and has suggested a secret wedding with no guests.”

You know what? Please don’t do that Zayn. No guests? No pictures? SECRET? The man deserves his privacy but a glimpse at the wedding would be enough to satiate fans’ need to know. But wait! What’s Gigi’s take on this?

“After broaching the subject with Gigi he’s conceded he will have to wait. Gigi is happy getting their relationship back on track but has made it clear they are not ready to get engaged just yet,” continued the same source. Looks like we don’t have any Zigi moments involving rings and vows up the lane.

However, Zayn and Gigi have been spotted at several occasions and places together after their mini-breakup. Recently Gigi rocked a necklace that had Zayn’s name on it. We think these two look dope together and hope Gigi says yes to Zayn. But for now, Zayn will have to be okay with just starring in Gigi’s Instagram stories and ensuring she’s in his.

If this happens, it wouldn’t be the former One Direction singer’s first engagement. Before this, Malik was engaged to Perrie Edwards. Their relationship had gone on for four years including two years of engagement before it sputtered and came to a halt.