“It was brutal—the hardest acne I’ve ever experienced. It was really painful on my neck, my chin, my cheeks, my forehead” shares the Brunette beauty, Olivia Munn. It’s hard to believe that a celebrity is just like us and could be struggling with acne or other skin problems.

Times that are darkened due to acne are a real reminder of how badly zits can tear at our confidence. With a fragile heart and shattered confidence, it is often also very easy to underestimate yourself too. Accomplishing goals goes all the way down the drains, as a person just wants to start living under a rock.

Not to forget that meeting with people is beyond agony. All internal forces shriek in unison for taking instant steps for living a caveman’s life of solitude, which is so much more preferable over being social. It’s only a wonder how celebrities can manage coming out of their homes and face the world with a smile painted on their faces.

But celebrities are no different than us, as they battle through their skin troubles. Acne sees no celebrity or ordinary, it just attacks leaving us all in shambles. Munn herself admits to this, “It really tears your self-confidence down a lot.”

The gorgeous beauty reveals that she faced acne when she was 16, as she moved from Japan to Oklahoma. A pesky breakout unleashed in full force and Munn blamed the change in her environment as the prime reason for it. She adds, “The weather and geography change did something to my skin.”

However, with the Proactiv dose, Olivia was able to sail through the acne shipwreck towards calmer waters that cleared her skin for the years to come. This might leave you wondering that the teenage episode was a typical teenager thing and it’s nothing to worry about.

This is so because the picture does not end here. Olivia still hanged around the dangerous waters and entered into the doldrums once again as an adult. Her skin ended up reacted badly to a medication and Olivia had to live with cystic acne now. It was a red, large, and a painful acne attack with cystic acne being known for its deep roots in the skin that demand regular visits to the dermatologist. The worst part is the pain. Pair ugly with pain and you have the most imperfect combination for disaster.

Olivia visited her dermatologist regularly but to no avail. The cortisone shots and acupuncture both did not seem to serve their purpose. The young celebrity ended up trying spironolactone.

The light at the end of the tunnel did show up though. Olivia’s agent added the newest formula of Proactiv to her routine at this point. Here’s what the celebrity said about her final life-saver, “I think that anyone who is suffering from acne should definitely try it because it truly changed my life—especially the new version because the ingredient they have in there, adapalene, is the first time it’s been in an over-the-counter system,”

Initially, the name of this rescue agent, adapalene, was kept under wraps even from Munn but after 30 years of being packed as a prescription-only ingredient, it has now finally become available for over-the-counter use.

Adapalene has only been FDA-approved for use in January 2017. Tsippora Shainhouse, MD, Beverly Hills-based dermatologist explains its effectiveness as “Topical retinoids are the best ingredients for unclogging pores and helping bring new skin cells to the surface while shedding old ones…These over-the-counter retinols are not as strong and regular use can help with skin texture, acne, and the appearance of scars.”

Thus, we have adapalene as the hero of the story that saved the day!