Olivia Munn might be a total diva when it comes to fashion but the star has been the victim of two wardrobe malfunctions this month. The most recent of it is her thong display in a colorful dress when she was headed to appear on the Late Night with Seth Meyers show.

The 37-year-old was seen in a geometric patterned dress that was as bright as the red lip she sported. But the multicolored dress by designer Tanya Taylor didn’t do much to hide her girly bits. The frock dress was skin-tight and sheer with splashes of pink, purple, lavender, and blue. The blue block that ran across her backside though didn’t hide her tiny white thong!

The actress flashed more of her private parts too as her girly bits above were not covered by any undergarment. And just like it happened at the Met Gala event on May 7, the cameras caught a good glimpse of her skin showing right through her outfit! Munn, however, looked gorgeous as always with her curves hot as ever! The actress’s cheeks were painted with pink blush and her hair were left open in loose waves. Purple pointy-toed heels completed her look.

Although we do wonder if the Olivia Munn’s wardrobe malfunction was not unintentional at all. Earlier this month, she was seen in a chainmail metal dress at the Met Gala. The actress’s dress was constructed in such a way that it could have popped anytime but good for her that didn’t happen! However, the lights did catch what was underneath her dress quite vividly.

While talking about her golden H&M attire to Bazaar.com, Munn said, “This is a really intricate dress. I was in a sprinter van on the way here and had to be sewn into this. It’s all chainmail, so if something pops, I’d be in trouble.”