Angelina Jolie, oft referred to as the most beautiful woman of Hollywood, is facing hate on the internet. The 44-year-old is being body-shamed for being too thin. Basically, Just Jared shared photos of the Academy award winner on Instagram.

In the shots, Jolie can be seen in a full-black attire. The fashionista has a pair of sunshades shielding her from the sun and a brown handbag swinging on her shoulder. Her brown locks are open, and her pouty lips are stretched into a smile.

The news outlet captioned her candid shots, “Angelina Jolie looks refreshed after a trip to the salon in LA!” The comments of many people show that they think she doesn’t look refreshed. In fact, commenters expressed concern or hate over how weak she looks.

“She doesn’t look healthy or refreshed. She looks like she’s starving to death,” wrote one person. Another added, “She looks super refreshed!! For a corpse.” This is not the first time the Maleficent actress has been skinny-shamed. In fact, even last year people grilled her online for not being “healthy” enough.

Angelina Jolie is not the first actress who has been body-shamed. In fact, body shaming is so common that recently Jason Mamoa was also targeted. People called out the actor for having a “dad bod.” Other than Angelina, another actress who has also been skinny-shamed recently is Natalie Dyer. People expressed that in their view the Stranger Things star has “anorexia.”

Unfortunately, people will always spew hate. For instance, Selena Gomez was insulted online for gaining weight even though she did so purely because she wanted to be healthy rather than skinny. Though the world has progressed so much, being mild-mannered is something most still struggle with.

There’s no point slamming people online with your hateful opinions. “Refreshed or skeletal? About refreshed she looks nearly dead mate,” read another person’s comment on the picture JJ shared of Jolie. People mainly pointed out how she doesn’t have any muscle on her bones with some even saying that her boobs are fake.

“Her arms look like a spider” and “Fakest boobs ever!! Disgusting” were also a part of the comments’ section. Fortunately, some people sided with the actress too. One person wrote, “She’s always been skinny! So stop body shaming people! Look at yourselves!!”

Another fan defended her by adding, “She’s thin arms and legs for almost 2 decades. Why do people keep doing body-shaming even though they know it? She’s so beautiful. Love yourself ppl.” At the end of the day, it’s best to not constantly pick out flaws from people. Being a celebrity doesn’t mean that everyone has the freedom to rag you.