Cardi B and Offset have been through tons of drama and if you were not on Mars back in December, you probably know all about it. For those who were on another planet at the time, we’re talking about when Kulture’s dad messed up so bad by cheating on her mom that he had to go through massive online backlash… even when he tried to win her back.

Referring to what went down at the I like It singer’s concert which he crashed at the end of last year to apologize for betraying her, the rapper revealed on Ellen’s show that he doesn’t regret his public apology. In fact, he thinks that the discouragement he got is one of the reasons men don’t expose their feelings.

“I love my wife, so it’s serious, it’s not a game to me,” said the 27-year-old. “So, it’s like, we can have schedules, and we have shows, and I just felt like, if I gave a break between time — I just can’t give that break between time. So, it’s not forefront. I step to it as a man and say I’m wrong. … And you don’t have to take me back, but I just want you to know I love you and I care.”

Offset compared his actions last December to the time when he proposed Cardi B back in 2017, mid-concert. However, people think that both the scenarios are too different to be compared considering his public apology could have backfired for Cardi’s career while the marriage proposal held the potential to boost it.

He further added, “It kinda bit me with the response of people, but that’s why a man don’t be trying to be vulnerable.” Perhaps he could’ve projected his emotions by not cheating on his wife with whom he shares a baby? Anyway, if Cardi B is happy with him right now, it’s all good, eh?