There is nothing more annoying on this planet for a girl with damaged hair to listen to endless advices from everyone in public about how she should look out and take care of her hair. The society opinions end up driving you to the point where you just want to sit and shave your head.

Report published by L’Oreal scientists this year came up with interesting facts. It stated that harsh or forceful brushing on daily basis has become a norm for most of us and we do that without even being aware of the harshness. Also, it causes severe damage, breakage and unlimited split ends.

Stop worrying!

Recently, Kerastase, the ultimate leader in the world of professional luxury hair care joined hands with Withings, known for connected health revolution launched a talking Hair Coach Brush. L’Oreal Research and Innovation Technology Incubator aided in the brush development. It has been regarded as the world’s first ever smart technologically blessed brush.

This technological brush aids in eradicating the damaging risks to the hair by taking help from the sensor’s that provide information on the quality of the hair and regular brushing patterns. The brush is installed with a mini micro phone. It is able to listen to the sound of hair brushing and through this it is able to identity the undying patterns, providing valuable information to manage the hair better and get rid of dryness of breakage. Furthermore, it has 3 axis load cells that evaluate the force applied to the scalp while brushing.

Furthermore, there is an accelerometer and a gyroscope within the brush as well. It aids in counting the brush strokes. Also, through this feedback signal is sent to the user if the brushing behavior is too harsh. This helps the user in identifying patterns that are best suited for healthy hair.

Connectivity sensors are also present to determine the dryness or wetness of hair and accurate hair measurement as well. Data is automatically saved with the use of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. The data is than directed to a specific mobile app which takes environmental factors in to account i.e. Temperate, weather, UV, wind and humidity.

This brush has been awarded with International CES Innovation Award for its outstanding performance in new consumer technology oriented products. Thus, if you are looking for a kind hair health guide who guides you instead of pointing out your hair fall in public you need to save up the money and get yourself one of these cool brushes!