May 26, 2022

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NVIDIA Ada Lovelace (RTX 40xx) on 4N TSMC?

According to sources L.D.M.Next GPUs Ada Lovelace From Nvidia to the next generation GeForce RTX40 gaming graphics cards, 4N can take advantage of one of DSMC’s latest engagement processes, rather than AMD’s next RTNA 3GPUs.

Nvidia RTX 40xx Ada Lovelace: Made in 4N and not in 4nm

So be careful, engraving processes have become business arguments and we should not confuse everything. Contrary to what one might think, TSMC 4Ns have nothing to do with 4nm and are actually the evolution of their 5nm process. The TSMC 4N processor is specifically designed for NVIDIA, so there are a variety of upgrades that allow for better power efficiency, performance and a slight increase in density compared to the “classic” TSMC 5nm node. This choice of Nvidia echoes various rumors Awesome consumption of the next RTX 40. Because on the AMD side, it uses a combination of 5 nm and 6 nm processes for its next GPUs RDNA 3 Graphics Architecture, Some will benefit from the MCM approach, which can be very useful. At Intel, leaks on this topic sparked queries with surprisingly low DDPs.

It should also be noted that this 4N process does not come out of nowhere because this is the process used by greens. GPU Hopper To the data center HPC market.

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