December 9, 2021

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Not happy, Chinese students sued Apple

Apple has been sued by Chinese students in Beijing and Shanghai for failing to include a charger in its iPhone 12 Pro Max box.

The charger is no longer provided with the iPhone 13 Pro Max

Charger no longer provided with iPhone 13 Pro Max // Source: FRANDROID

Off Pixel6 Who does notIts new PPS charger is not included For the new IPhone 13, Premium smartphones integrate less and less chargers in their boxes. A little annoying habit when the marks start to appear Fast charging.

A case in China may shake this new affair a little. According to Sub, A group of Chinese academics from Beijing and Shanghai continues Apple For not integrating the charger in their box IPhone 12.


The object of the test is overly firm. One of the students behind the complaint bought an iPhone 12 Pro Max. He then asks Cupertino to provide a charger, pay 100 yuan (approximately 13 euros) for breach of contract, and reimburse legal costs.

One of the complainants’ arguments was that the USB-C first Lightning cable did not match the blocks available in the Chinese market. Yet according to students, other Chinese manufacturers will come forward to buy their smartphone with or without a box charger, which fixes the problem.

Apple’s arguments are under attack

Apple has always defended itself by implementing this option Environmental Arguments. According to Apple, consumers have accumulated many power adapters, so not all of them are used. Under these conditions, sending it continuously causes an ecological problem for Apple.

Students question this argument, arguing that this is an excuse for Cupertino to promote its new MagSafe chargers, as wireless chargers use more power than wired chargers.

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Logistics and the economy are in balance

Beyond the arguments put forward by the Apple brand, we will add that removing the chargers allows Apple to make significant logistics gains. Each iPhone container can certainly accommodate a few extra phones, which represents a significant gain in terms of carbon emissions.

Critics of the brand have repeatedly (exactly) preferred this, which is a huge saving in production costs because phones have not seen a drop in prices as chargers have disappeared.

Earlier this year, the Brazilian consumer protection company fined Apple $ 2 million for failing to include chargers in its iPhone 12 box.