Remember recently when wavy eyebrows went viral and people in opposite corners of the world muttered a united “no!” Well, if you were one of those people which we hope you were, then prepare to be blown away by what the internet has to offer this time around.

Where the wavy eyebrow trend was about crawling snakes above your eyes, this one is about spiders making their way out of your nose. Perfect! Welcome the “nose hair extensions” trend that has gone viral on social media. It is so absurd that you would feel like tearing your hair out! (Uh, the hair on your head)

Trending stuff is always very fascinating and well, eye-catching. Because the nose hair trend is actually something that makes you either switch off your device and toss it away or stare at it, hypnotized. We just closed our eyes. But really, it’s nothing to fear. It’s not spiders, on close inspection you’ll see it’s just hair casually chilling outside the nose.

One could say that this is by far the weirdest 2017 can offer, and considering we just have a few months before we hop into next year, it might as well be. But nay, we wouldn’t believe that. Because the internet is a rather shocking place. It’s never too late or too early for a trend to pop up.

Nose hair extensions are basically not that difficult to sport, for all those genuinely interested in going with the flow of this trend. Or just thinking that nose hair needs to be gloriously displayed for whatever reason. All you have to do is stick false eyelashes around the rim of your nostrils and make sure you stay away from black pepper or things that can make you sneeze. You don’t want to inhale that lump of hair in. But wait isn’t that sort of twisted? Don’t tiny hairs make people sneeze?

If you think that pasting on fake eyelashes is not cool, you can simply look for ways to grow out your nose hair and gel it and well, voila! Oh, and there is always the option of stuffing spiders inside your nose. If you come to think of seriously, you can even find much better ways of sporting this trend.

It all started when an Instagrammer, GretChen Chen, posted a picture of herself wearing what she captioned “nose hair extension” with these tags, #nosehair #lashes #extensions #beauty #selfie #eyelashextensions #falselashes And since the internet has eyes everywhere and the world has no chill what seems to be a joke become a trend.

If you check out this girl’s Instagram, you’d be surprised to see that most of it is sprayed with a fine blend of weirdness and creativity. So from the looks of it, GretChen Chen, is no makeup guru. Just a regular person who has a wicked sense of humor. Did this girl just manage to pull a genius prank? Hmm, nice.

Because now a bunch of people around the internet are actually trying the hairy nose trend. With how the weirdest fashions manage to grip some people and create a buzz, there’s really no surprise. Some folks are also calling the nose hair extension thing a work of “art” and though it is genius it still doesn’t seem artistic.

Halloween’s round the corner and if you want to spook your friends out you can always decorate your nose with hair. Wonder what bizarre trend would be thrown our way next, spiky eyebrows perhaps?