Eyebrow trends are getting rather repetitively annoying or silly, so if you’re looking for something new, Nose Art might as well be it. Yep, you heard that right. Nose Art is the latest trend that is running on Instagram with MUAs decorating their noses in cutesy designs. Where some have went for painting on the tips of their noses others have done their nose bridges in artsy designs.

It’s just been birthed but the trend is already being seen in several forms. Some have kept it on the minimal side with a single small zigzag line running horizontally on their nose or dabbing some leftover eyeshadow on their nose’s tip. Others have made the most of it and drawn flowers, food, or stars on their noses. One person has also sketched makeup in yellow and white giving the effect of a fried egg!

While exchanging words with Allure, makeup artist Ashlee Summer who is known for her nose art said, “The nose is such a cute canvas and can change an entire look.” Fake freckles and overdone contouring have aged; feisty makeup patterns on the nose are the new! Or perhaps, those two were just the beginning of this new trend. This is just the start though. The eyebrow trends might now finally rest in peace and let nose art take center until it gets too absurd to bear.

Eyeshadows and eyelines are the main ingredients going into the creation of these artworks. Want to rock this trend but not too pro in the makeup department? You can go for a makeup stamp. “Anyone with any nose size or shape can pull it off,” said Summers. While some makeup addicts are sporting their nose art keeping the rest of their face bare of makeup to let their noses stand out, others are going for complete looks with their entire makeup game in place.