Perfectly winged eyeliner is something only pros can do. The rest of us commoners go through what we call the “eyeliner conundrum.” Where we have black blotches smeared over our faces and black tears snaking their way down. Eyes, red and puffy, staring at the mirror, trying to calm before another attempt at getting the cat eyes look is made. Maybe this was an over exaggeration but presenting the worst scenario always helps in making the harsh reality seem somewhat better. The eyeliner conundrum experience is way more horrible if you are dealing with a glitter eyeliner. Because then you have glitter all over your face, a bucket full of cotton balls aimed at removing the perfectly uneven line you just sketched and well, you know, lots of more trouble.

Don’t you ever just wish eyeliners could be easier to use? Fortunately, Too Faced has taken down two of the biggest struggles humanity faces with eyeliners. Ono, the mess created when wiping it off. Dos, the glittery face you get after trying to draw the winged tip of your liner. Known for its creative, Instagram buzz-worthy products, Too Faced has come up with a peel-off eyeliner the recipe of which it was given by the angles. Probably, that is why we can’t see the traditional black in its color list. Which is heartbreaking, sort off. Please, give us a black one too!

No Fuss Glitter Eyeliner

The brand launched its Glitter Pop Peel-off Eyeliner officially on October 2nd which is priced at 20 dollars. With how glittery, ethereal makeup is in vogue, as showcased by all the recent Spring/Summer 2018 fashion shows we all better rush and get this eyeliner before some catastrophe has a chance to stop us. Venessa Hudgens and Kylie Jenner also sported sparkly eye makeup recently so if you close your eyes to ramp trends, when you open them you’ll find the shimmery-eyes look around as well. Glitter eye makeup? Yes, please! Always up for the magical look. There’s just something so funky yet innocent about it. Topshop, London defined the look as, “leftover glamour, reminiscent of the late ’80s, early ’90s in Soho, London… It embodies cool girls doing it for themselves, very DIY and all about them effortlessly getting ready.”

With Too Faced’s Glitter Pop, you don’t have to worry about remnants of glitter being glued to your face after the struggle of putting the liner on. Neither do you have to fret over rubbing it off gently. (gently? Who are we kidding!) You can just peel the eyeliner off oh so gracefully! With a precise and thin tip, the eyeliner is easy-peasy to apply and once done it dries down and glues thanks to its “film formers.” It comes in a spectrum of colors including rose gold, holographic white, teal, bright pink yadda yadda yadda. The colors have classic and cutesy names too, our favorite among all being I’m Half Mermaid.

So basically, with this Too Faced eyeliner, you can hop on the trend train minus the dramatic mess. The only drama you’d have would be the dramatic flutter of your eyelashes. The liner doesn’t cause any irritation around your eyes either. It’s gentle and well, incredible. You get to be a rainbow without the hard work, what more could you ask for? (There’s always more you could ask for) Bet Audrey Hepburn is clapping in the clouds and well, smiling a very proud and happy smile at Too Faced. We’re just hoping we get stick-on eyeliners soon as well. Since eyebrow wigs are actually a thing, it’s not too much to wish for, right?