June 26, 2022

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Nintendo closes studios in California and Toronto

Despite that Nintendo Is a Japanese company with several studios around the world, and major decisions are made in North America. Corn At home Nintendo of the United States, There is a big change in the air, Because the company announced the closure of two studios.

After the noises from the corridors, Nintendo Confirmed Shed qu ‘Will close its studios in Redwood City (California) and Toronto and retain its headquarters in Redmond and Vancouver.. Nick Chavez, vice president of sales, stepped down instead Duck Bowser In 2019 (Now the president Nintendo of the United States), The man who joins the group KFC To develop Yes! Brands. Devon Pritchard will therefore take the interim for these activities in the United States and Canada.

Here we are dealing with the most classic restructuring in the industry, but very rare Nintendo, The company cut its staff in South Korea in 2016 and reorganized its teams in Europe two years ago, all of which laid off 300 employees. Shed Closing the California studio means a hundred people will be affected, but Nintendo He says everyone will be relocated to Redmond or Vancouver.

As a reminder, Nintendo His switch always hit, Money Nearly 90 million copies were sold Last August, you found the new OLED model At 319.99 Fnac.

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