December 8, 2021

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Night Road – Renault logo, from horn to test

Over time it became his nickname. It is affectionately known as “diamond”, Peugeot as “lion” and citroen as “chevrons”. But as far as Renault is concerned, this geometric shape is not always the pennant we know. Until 1922, the graphic variant of the house was further searched. In its early days, the Renault logo lasted only a few years, from a figure worthy of a chariot, to the front of a stylized car passing a tank from the Great War. Until 1922. That year, it turns into a circle, connecting the 7 letters of the mark at its center. But why a grid in a circle?

A symbol in the form of a horn plug

In fact, this new logo had a practical feature above all else. This closed the horn of the Renault models and allowed the sound of the airy grille to pass through. But in 1925, the strategy changed: fashion was fitted with logos in the center of the grills, and no longer a corner horn. Is the Renault Grills in the shape of a diamond? The logo will also have this shape. But Louis Renault decided to keep it even though the grid is now closed. It is gone in the form we know today or almost.

Logo of the Kent Group in the 1970s.
Renault logo from 1971.
Renault logo from 1971.

The logo has been quietly evolving for 46 years. But in 1971, it was time for modernity. R15, 17 and soon a nationalized administration Renault 5 And it should revolutionize the movement (already). So you need a logo that reflects this New era Of RNUR (Régie Nationale des Usines Renault). The brand disappears completely from the logo, which becomes very concise. Unfortunately, this seems like an American chemical group working specifically for automobiles. Kent, as its name implies, produces windshield adhesives. Only here, its logo resembles Renault, except that it is horizontal, the Frenchman is vertical.

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Legal fight for vertical or horizontal rhombuses

The Americans are highly skilled in the judiciary and Kent sends a battalion of his lawyers to follow Renault, who at first laughs at this confusing mess. But Kent wins the case and smiles as he forces control to remove all of its logos from all of its cars. In 1972 a huge recall took place. All cars manufactured and banned in the world for one year with the logo are recalled. The infamous mark was also removed from the grill, steering wheel and car radio. It was replaced by a brand new logo, urgently ordered from the star of this genre: sculptor, painter and plastic artist Victor Vasareli. But in reality, his son Jean-Pierre will paint the new diamond, which will be signed by his nickname Yavar. It is true that history retains the name of the father and guarantees the father.

By whom his real name is Jean-Pierre Vasarely, the original author of the logo.
By whom his real name is Jean-Pierre Vasarely, the original author of the logo.

Vasareli lasts for twenty years and takes shape in 1992, before being redesigned earlier this year. The New logo Want Renault House to be simple, refined, and passionately similar to Vasareli? When the house starts again R5 And soon the R4, It is necessary to return to graphic sources.