Nicki Minaj is married to Kenneth Zoo Petty. The couple is, currently, at a very happy space and enjoying every moment of their married life. The singer got married to her love in the month of October last year. Ever since then, its been very rare for her to talk about her married life. However, recently, while talking to Lil Wayne, a famous rapper, she told the World how happy her marriage is making her. She was talking to the wrapper on his show, Young money radio with Lil Wayne. The chat happened on Apple Music, and a lot of people heard the conversation live.

Nicki Minaj says life is beautiful post wedding:

The conversation started with Lil Wayne congratulating the singer on her marriage. After that, he continued by asking her how her married life is going along. Answering this question, she said that it is going really good. She said that the married life is really calming as well as refreshing. While talking about it, she said that even if a person is not married but has a soul mate, life gets quite easy and calming. Having a person who loves you makes you feel like you are on the top of the World.

Minaj and Petty are childhood friends:

Nicki Minaj and Kenneth Zoo Petty started dating in the year 2018. However, the couple claims that they are childhood friends and have known each other since ages. It was then around the time when the wrapper released the song ‘Zanies and fools’ when they both actually started bonding on a different level. She said in her interview that her husband understand her really well, and that is what she loves about him the most.

She says that the they both connect on a different level, which makes this relationship really special for them both. Even though he is not as famous as Nicki herself is and neither is he on Instagram, he doesn’t even wish to do so. He likes seclusion and is quite happy in his own place.

The rumors about the new baby:

Recently, Nicki Minaj also posted a few tweets that sparked the rumors on the possibility of her being pregnant. In her tweets, she says that she has weird food craving and a lot of nausea. On the top of that, she can not stop peeing. This made her fans jump with joy and they anticipated that she is surely pregnant.

Questions about pregnancy:

While she was on the show, a lot of fans asked her if she was really pregnant. The singer was quite confident in answering this query. Though she did not announce it directly, but said that she feels nausea quite a lot. Alongside, she said that there is no baby bump as of now. However, with time, the World may see it coming out, however, it will take a couple of months for this to happen.