One thing we’ve understood: Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra may have made it seem like they their love affair instantly morphed into an engagement, but they actually have a long history of understanding. Remember them being pictured together at the Met Gala last year?

The Quantico actress is sweeping her man off his feet with every step she takes. While you must all be aware of their grand and traditional engagement ceremony that took place in India, you might have missed an even cuter moment between the two lovebirds.

Following the event, Nick and Priyanka went to an orphanage where the 36-year-old didn’t miss a beat before she hopped onto the stage and showed off her dance moves. Yep, in true Bollywood style the diva made the kids in the room giggle.

Obviously, her fiancé filmed the entire performance and even gushed about it on social media. The 25-year-old former J-Bros bandmate posted a story on his Insta account of Priyanka Chopra’s awesome dance moves and captioned it “St. Catherine Orphanage today, my heart is full.”

Okay let us aww at this! Sooo, adorable. Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra’s couple is grabbing all the attention these days. They have also been very active on social media posting pictures and all since the news of their engagement was confirmed on Saturday.

The Exotic singer – Chopra sings too – took to Instagram stories to joke about her massive diamond ring. She placed a ring shaped balloon directly on her ring finger and captioned it, “….oh that ring!!!”

While the ring Priyanka got from Nick when he proposed her is not as massive, it surely is way prettier and more sparkly. Nick had a whole Tiffany & Co. store closed when he went to pick a ring for popping the question to her.