Only the second month into the new year and Ariana Grande is already having a hard time emotionally despite all the success that is coming her way. The young diva had a difficult 2018 as well as her ex-boyfriend Mac Miller passed away and then came her breakup with Pete Davidson. Sprinkle that all will rude, insulting comments of people on the internet and you have a ton of problems to deal with.

This year, her problems are smaller, but the online bullying is just as big. People won’t stop grilling Grande for getting a wrongly spelled Japanese tattoo. The 26-year-old songstress has already opened up on Twitter and talked about how all this hate is giving her anxiety, but people won’t stop climbing all over her. Now, Nick Cannon is also on podium making jokes about her and subtly insulting her.

On the latest episode of the Wendy Williams Show Nick talked about his relationship with Ari’s ex, Pete Davidson. Davidson is rumored to be having a romance with Kate Beckinsale. Talking about the Saturday Night Live star’s rumored relationship, Nick didn’t spare the 7 Rings singer. He started with saying that he and Davidson had had a “cougar conversation.”

Then he went on to say that he was the one who had advised the comedian to get himself “an older woman.” “’Get you an older woman, man!’ I said that. Leave them little pop stars alone! An old woman knows what she wants! She don’t play no games! That’s what I’m talking about. Get you somebody older!”

OUCH! He further added, “Them little pop stars, they don’t know! They giving Japanese menus tattooed on their backs from the sushi restaurant. I’m joking, but that is Ariana Grande’s hand. I think that’s even after she tried to fix it.” While Nick did say he was joking, he went a bit too far with his thoughts on the show.

Why bring Ariana Grande down to make Pete Davidson feel better? Did Nick Cannon say this for the ratings? Or did he really mean to be this mean? Guess there’s only one apt response to his words – Thank you, next.