December 8, 2021

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News | Headphones with cell phones will not be available anytime soon

By La Provence (with AFP)

It’s a French uniqueness, it’s disappearing. Mobile phone manufacturers do not need to quickly provide headphones with their devices. This is a provision in the proposed law aimed at reducing the environmental barrier of digital technology in France.

Since 2010, Article 34-9 of the Postal and Electronic Communications Code provides the last paragraph of I “Radio terminals connected to a network that is open to the public to provide telephone service cannot be marketed without an accessory, which restricts head exposure to radioactive emissions during communications.”. In order to market their products in France, manufacturers are forced to provide headphones in the box of mobile devices provided as a solution to reduce the exposure to radioelectric fields.

“France is one of the only EU states to impose sales of these devices with mobile phones.”, The report of the Committee on Regional Planning and Sustainable Development.

So this obligation will disappear when this bill is voted on in Parliament. Section 14 of the proposed Act provides for the amendment of Article 34-9 of the Postal and Electronic Communications Code to simplify the obligations of manufacturers and importers. “Headphones compatible with the terminal model will be available during its marketing period”.

One measure of the group’s environmental impact on regional planning and sustainable development is that 23.8 million headphones are sold each year in France, despite the current obligation.

Senator (LR) Patrick Chaize explains to the special site frandroid That “Wired headphones, which are usually provided with smartphones, are the main source of waste. The market for the best quality headphones and listening systems, wired or wireless, is expanding.”.

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