Tristan Thompson and Khloe Kardashian had so much drama erupt between them with Jordan Woods in the middle of it. And now, the NBA player is back with another Jordan. Reportedly, Thompson has mended his relationship with Jordan Craig – the woman with whom he shares his first child.

This is the same Jordan whom he had left by cheating. While Craig was still pregnant with their son, Prince, Thompson had brought Khloe Kardashian into the picture only to get her preggers and then try his luck with Jordan Woods.

As per the YBF, currently both Jordan Craig and Tristan Thompson are together with their son in Jamaica. Cleary, they have sorted out their differences and are now back with one another. However, it can also be that they are just co-parenting.

The Cleveland Cavaliers star also shared a shot of his son on a yacht in Jamaica this week. News says that since Tristan Thompson is native to Jamaica, as is his son’s mother, he got a chance to introduce little Prince to his extended family.

Thompson has been accused by Craig for not only cheating on her but also for lacking in being a good father to his son. In November last year, the influencer opened up about how Thompson had not seen her son all that much. In fact, he even owed her a huge amount in child support.

When it came out that Khloe Kardashian had been betrayed by Thompson due to a certain Jordan, several folks pointed out that it was karma playing out. People also said that the Kardashians had no reason to cry because they also stole other women’s men.

When the whole drama with Kylie’s best friend Jordyn Woods happened earlier this year, Jordan Craig also came forward to bash Khloe. Craig said that Thompson seeing Kardashian while she was pregnant with her son caused her a lot of suffering and even several complications during pregnancy.

In response, Khloe clarified that she was dating Thompson because she was unaware of the dynamics of his relationship with Jordan Craig. Despite her attempts at clarification, people didn’t trust Khloe and blamed her what she did to Jordan. Tristan Thompson has a reputation for cheating. The 28-year-old cheated on Khloe not once but twice.

The first time he cheated on her, she too was pregnant. Let’s see how his relationship with Jordan Craig now, unfolds further.