December 8, 2021

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New version for foldable tablets and smartphones

At the Android Dave Summit 2021, Google released a new version of the system designed for Android 12L, the big screen. This applies to tablets, foldable smartphones, but also devices with Chrome OS and external screens.

Android 12L

Android 12L // Source: Google

There were rumors of a medieval update Android 12. Although it may not count as “Android 12.1” as some thought, this version exists, but is only designed for devices with a “wider” screen. Welcome to Android 12L.

The return of tablets and the arrival of folding screens

We thought the market was half mast, but for now The pills are coming back, Powered by iPad faster than ever. In the last 12 months, Google claims to have registered nearly 100 million new tablet functions, 20% more than the previous year. For their part, foldable smartphones continue to create a space with a 265% increase year on year (Thanks Samsung) Finally, Chrome OS continues to grow on its side (+ 92%).

In total, 250 million active devices with large screens run on Android. Google paid a little attention to them and decided to give them an ecosystem that deserves the name and does not have a badly extended interface for smartphones.

Android 12L: Version for large screens

Featured on Android Dev Summit 2021, Android 12L is currently available Developer preview And can be tested in an emulator. This is the version for developers so they can upgrade their applications.

Android 12L is ideal for widescreen when it comes to announcements, quick settings, lock screen, home screen and more. For example, the Quick Settings panel is separated from Notifications to display two separate columns on screens over 600 Tip (device-independent pixel).

Android 12L notifications and quick settings

Android 12L Notifications and Quick Settings // Source: Google

Better managed multitasking

To make multitasking easier, Android 12L also comes with a new taskbar like the one already provided for iPad or Chrome OS. This not only allows you to quickly switch between apps, but also makes it easier to use multiple windows by sliding an app from this bar to one page or the other side of the screen.

Multitasking on Android 12L

Multitasking on Android 12L // Source: Google

Google has also improved its compatibility mode to suit different screen sizes and especially different image ratios. Smartphone brands can be further customized Letterboxing Applications, from the color of the contours to the importance of rounding the angles. The goal is to provide the most consistent and uniform rendering possible between applications.

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UNE interface is responsive

Developers can divide their applications into several pieces called “functions”, which can now be set up very simply depending on the size of the screen. For example by showing two different functions. This new functionality will allow developers to modify their applications very easily so, very quickly, we hope.

Two functions in Android 12L

Two functions in Android 12L // Source: Google

To do this, developers can use the API (coming soon) screen to easily detect whether the screen is “compact”, “medium” or “extended”, thus modifying their display while flying.

The WindowSizeClass API allows you to determine the screen size

The WindowSizeClass API allows you to determine the screen size // Source: Google

Even better, Google thought Microsoft Surface Dio And its potential counterparts! An API that allows developers to locate a possible hinge or fold of the folding screen for the separator service within the application. It is enough to make the application more natural.

Android 12L Release Date

Android 12L version planned “At the beginning of next year, at the time of the next wave of Android tablets and [smartphones] Folding“In addition, Google has already partnered with several partners to make this version available to different devices.

Android 12L interface

Android 12L Interface // Source: Google

Expect the Android 12L to be released “soon” Lenovo Tab P12 Pro. Although this version is primarily aimed at widescreen devices, it is compatible with phones. Also, a beta of pixels will be available later, although they should not show any visible changes.

So, as far as we know it is not a completely different version with Honeycomb (Android 3.0, exclusive version for tablets). Very good.

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