Love is scary. You’re constantly worried if or not the person who is occupying your dreamworld likes you back. Even a small gesture can feel big. You’re constantly in a confusion of sorts; are you just imagining things or does this person really like you too? However, on a dating site, that’s not the case at all.

Meeting strangers is easier, opening up doesn’t make your throat clamp up, and if the person on the opposite end of the conversation is engaging in talks, he or she surely must be having a good time too. Isn’t that what dating sites are for, after all?

However, while finding your true love on an official online dating platform cuts down questions, it can tend to make you feel confused in other ways. The modern era has introduced the concept of online dating with more and more people meeting the love of their life on Tinder or another such application.

If you’re thinking about walking down the same path and testing if online love can work for you too, you’re at the right place. As a newbie, you need to know a few basics and we’ve compiled just those. Read on!

It doesn’t work right away

While you can log into your account after clicking a few keys, that’s not the formula for finding love online. Hop into a dating forum but don’t expect to find your soulmate right away. Like real life, internet dating too requires efforts and a tad bit of searching. You might even be outright unable to find someone who’s profile interests you.

You might have to create accounts on multiple platforms. It might take months to strike a connection. And at the end of the day, there’s still no confirmation whether this will work for you or not.

You need to be careful

The internet is just like the real world; full of creeps. If you notice something weird about someone’s profile, know that that person is even weirder in real. Run away. There can also be people who can seem amazing at first but can pressurize you for information or meeting up in person all too soon. If you sense danger or feel like someone is invading your privacy, move on from that individual.

You have to be careful and make sure that the person is who he claims to be. Perhaps search the person online in more depth.

You can get really busy

Meeting new people and texting to get to know them eats up time. If you are planning to step into the online dating field hoping to give it the least of your time, then it really wouldn’t be of any use. Many people who feel like they are too busy to date in person, think online dating would allow for convenience and require less time and effort investment.

However, in truth that is not the case. To make things work in your favor, you need to give a lot of yourself. Be it a business, a love story, or anything else that you truly want to work.

You can have too many options

While it is good to have a few people to select from, it’s not cool when there is an overwhelming amount of options. You see, if one of all these people who are wooing you doesn’t stand out himself and you actually like everyone, do you really like even a single one of them? Also, there is no denying how awfully challenging it is to choose.

You can pick one and then realize that you actually liked the other option better. Meh. Too tiring. If the spark dies, you’ll keep wondering if you didn’t decide right for yourself. Choosing one means rejecting others and boy that can get pretty messy too.

You get to be you

While there are cons, there are pros too! The thing about meeting people online is that you can be your true self without having to worry too much about being judged. You see, if you are a female, you can send a message yourself rather than waiting for the guy to initiate a conversation. If you’re an introvert or just a generally shy person, online dating can help you get to know new people and maybe even find your true love for you.

Since you are behind the screen, the pressure is a little less in some ways. Research stamps this as true that socially anxious people are more comfortable with online communication.

You get to fall for the personality

Since you’re not exactly sitting opposite to the person in a café, in the online dating world you tend to fall for people who share the same interests, or the same perspective on life. This means you are not falling love with someone’s looks or material belongings. Since those details are important too, it’s better to go for someone who’s profile clearly mentions such information and has a picture too. That also means that the other person is also liking you for your personality.

However, the downside here is that pictures lie, and info can to. While you may like someone’s personality, when you meet them if their looks or something about them disappoints, prepare for your heart to sink.