A new study published in the journal BMJ reveals that three factors can increase the risk of heart attack in women more than among men. Essentially, high blood pressure, diabetes, and smoking are three chief causes behind heart attack.

However, findings from the latest research suggest that these three factors may be having severer effect on females in contrast with men. Although the results are not definite, it is being suggested that these could be due to the duration of the condition being different among both the genders.

For instance, women may suffer from untreated high blood pressure for a longer duration than men. This can be a possible explanation for why blood pressure antes up females’ risk of heart attacks more than men.

The exact findings in the study showed the following:

  • High blood pressure raised a woman’s risk of heart attacks by 83% more than it affects a man
  • Diabetes type II raises the risk of heart in a female 47% more than in a man
  • Smoking increased the odds of heart attack by 55% more in a female relative to a man

Although there is more research needed, it is clear that women are at an increased risk of having a heart attack. On a general note, it is essential to make all the lifestyle changes that can help lower the risk.

This is important for both men as well as women. For instance, it is best to make regular physical activity a part of one’s diet. Exercise helps improve blood circulation and improves overall cardiovascular health.

At the same time, it is essential to quit smoking and follow a well-balanced diet to manage blood pressure and blood cholesterol levels too. A well-balanced diet can help prevent diabetes type II.