Recently Kylie Jenner caught criticism over filming an Instagram story while driving. But its not just millionaire celebs, even common people are increasingly using their cellphones when behind the wheel. It’s not just when driving when folks ignorantly latch on to their phones. In fact, many forget to get their heads out of their phones’ screens when walking on the street.

This has resulted in several cases of injuries from sprained ankles to concussions on the forehead. Driving and texting comes with the risk of an accident, whereas when walking whilst being distracted by your phone, the stairs ahead, the drains on the road, hidden potholes, walls, and even merely your two feet can risk a fall or a hit. Though some incidents make onlookers laugh, the person involved doesn’t only get hurt physically but he has to face embarrassment as well.

Unfortunately, more and more people are walking and driving along with having their face in their phone. As per a new Rutgers study, the number of injury cases admitted to the emergency department due to distraction by cellphones while walking or driving has increased. The number has steadily gone up from 1998 through 2017.

The launch of iPhone and Pokémon Go’s release in 2007 and 2016 respectively are two particular moments when the number of injuries sustained spiked. Of all the cellphone-related injuries received, 50% occurred within the walls of peoples’ homes. Luckily, these injuries didn’t require much medical treatment. However, more than 50% of injuries were sustained due to driving and using the phone at once.

The age group that has mainly engaged in such reckless behavior is 13 to 29. And while incidents that have occurred not whilst driving may not have called for immediate medical attention, they are surely underrepresented. This study just emphasizes on how crucial it is to educate people regarding not using their phone when on the move. The JAMA Otolaryngology-Head & Neck Surgery published this report.