Your lips demand the same attention as your skin. While you might be in love with latest water burst moisturizer by Glamglow or the new Murad water gel moisturizer that is packed with nutrients, don’t forget your lips. They require the same care and investment as your skin and should be a part and parcel of your skincare regime. Available now to win your hearts and further your skincare routine is the New Matcha Lip Balm by Winky Lux.

There’s no denying that your skin needs moisturizing just as your skin does. To this end, Winky Lux’s latest balm is the knight in shining armor that your lips deserve. The lip balm is clear upon application and is composed of real green tea powder and food-grade vanilla. The balm is aimed at repairing, softening, and moisturizing your lips.

The basic components of the new matcha lip balm are vitamin C, green tea powder, avocado oil, coconut oil, and vanilla. Each flaunts the following work portfolio:

-Green tea powder that contains natural caffeine, which stimulates collagen production. Collagen, in turn, gives soft lips.

-Avocado oil is a powerful punch of vitamins that provides ultimate hydration in close collaboration with coconut oil.

-Coconut oil is a natural antibacterial emollient. It moisturises your lips along with nourishing your lips and forming a protective layer over them.

-Vitamin C boasts superb healing properties that assist in repairing chapped and dry lips.

-Food-grade vanilla that provides a natural smell to the lip balm.

All the ingredients are carefully chosen to repair, soften, and protect your pretty pout so dried or chapped lips don’t keep you from new lip colors or carrying your lips naturally. The New Matcha Lip Balm by Winky Lux is priced at $14. It is available on the brand’s official website here.