There are two things that are undeniably wonderful. One is a collaboration between your favorite makeup artist and cosmetics brand. And the other is the color red, which is truly mesmerizing, not to mention shades of deep red can be hard to put down. So, string these two wonders together and you have a new makeup collection, which is just around the corner.

Welcome home some pretty reds in a new makeup collection called Poppy Savage. It is a result of collaboration between Estee Lauder and makeup artist, Violette. The Poppy Savage Collection is a powerful punch of red makeup items that are, as a collection, synonymous with irresistible.

The whole collection consists of a softly glowing lip and cheek balm, five eyeshadows, lipsticks, and a crayon lip color. So altogether the collection consists of:

  • Crème Illuminatrice balm for cheeks and lips
  • Pure Color Envy Palette that contains 5 eyeshadows
  • 2 Pure Color Envy Lipsticks in shades entitled, Poesie and Vin Noir
  • Pure Color Envy Duo Blush Sculpt
  • Pure Color Envy Liquid Lipstick
  • Jumbo Crayon in Terre D’or.

The new makeup collection is up for grabs in France only currently. It will be available in the UK on April 7 and on May 15 for the rest of the world including in the US. So, your wait to get your hands on the new Poppy Savage Collection depends on the country of your residence. Or if you are in France by chance, then you just got lucky!


Just in case red is not your color and you prefer to paint a perfect pink pout then you have Estee Lauder’s limited edition lip palette. It is only available for a short time and is packed with a range of bold pinks and plums in a pretty lip palette. The Pinks Plums lip palette is available here.