In the latest episode of The Flash, fans caught one mystery character for the second time around in this season. Jessica Parker Kennedy who is playing the role of this smart yet awkward girl who seems to be a well-wisher of team Flash was seen on the episode The Elongated Knight Rises, interrupting Ralph and Cisco’s time at Jitters and then later, scribbling some weird characters on a book.

Oddly, we’ve seen these symbols before as well, that also thrice. These are the same ones that we noticed when Barry got out of the Speed Force prison, and in the beginning of the season, he was drawing them every which where. Then we also saw these very marks on The Thinker’s face, when he was in his original body.

We have spotted this very girl in another episode too. In Supergirl’s dose of Crisis on Earth-X, she seemed very excited for Barry and Iris’s wedding and reminded Barry to pronounce his vows clearly. Now isn’t that a bit suspicious? Why was this person so concerned about two people she shouldn’t even be knowing about?

We weren’t so focused on her then but her second appearance does raise questions and eyebrows. Some are suggesting that this new girl could be Barry and Iris’s daughter from the future. Or maybe she is someone else from the future, someone close to the team at S.T.A.R. Labs. She does seem to be pretty invested in all the team members.

We’re pretty sure this girl whose part has not be unveiled yet will be playing a major role on the show in this season. Maybe these symbols have something to do with beating DeVoe at his game. Perhaps this girl from the future is an unexpected variable in The Thinker’s equation that can fail him?