It’s that time of the makeup season when we are all ready to throw our money to get the new colors that are in trend. For makeup junkies, new eyeshadow palettes offer fresh hues that are a must add to their collection. Some new eyeshadow palettes that have just launched or are just around the corner. Keep these on your list if you plan to add some new shades to your pre-existing collection:

  1. Bronze Extented Pressed Powder Eyeshadow Palette

The Bronze Extended Pressed Powder eyeshadow palette comes from Kylie Cosmetics. It is available at the official website and is packed with 12 warm shades. It is priced at $45 and is a cross between bronze palette and the burgundy palette. The palette showcases dark to light shades with different finishes of matte and shimmery.

  1. Huda beauty Mini Eyeshadow Palettes

Huda beauty has come up with two eyeshadow palettes that are available online at Sephora. Each palette is reasonably priced at $27, which does break your wallet yet adds flavor your makeup collection. The palettes are called Coral Obsession and Gemstone Obsession. Pretty shades with varying finishes are guaranteed by both these palettes.

  1. Nouveau Neutrals by BH Cosmetics

Coming soon on 11 May is the Nouveau Neutrals eyeshadow and blush palette. It is a single palette that is packed with 5 shades of blushes and numerous shades of eyeshadows. These exhibit lustrous shimmer shadows, rich satin, and buttery mattes. On top of it, the colors showcase coral, subtle champagnes, browns, and berries. The amazing aspect of this palette is its price tag of only $16.

  1. Soul Blooming Eyeshadow Palette

Nabla Cosmetics is coming up with a new collection that consists of an amazing eyeshadow palette. It boasts incredible shades with both shimmery and matte finishes. In addition to this palette, there also 4 new shades of Dazzle liner in this collection. The colors are titled Mantra, Royal Blood, Original Sin, and Current Eden. The bundle comes for €69,90.