Another weird jeans’ trend has barged into town. Luckily this time it is at least wearable. Again, ASOS holds the steering wheel of this trend. The pair of jeans is named “ASOS Straight Leg Triple Waistband Jean in Vogue Blue” on the site. As the name suggests, these jeans have three waistbands. We are not yet sure whether all three are functional or one.

The e-retailer has though has explained that the jeans have a hidden fly. It is difficult to understand what the point behind these triple waistbands is. These denim washed jeans give the effect that the individual is wearing three pairs at once. Surprisingly, Twitter has maintained a silence on the topic. Does that mean that people don’t mind the style and actually consider it worth a try?

Only last month we had another odd ASOS trend. Remember the jeans bustier tube that was made to be worn on the shirt? That trend had collected a lot of criticism. One person wrote on Twitter, “Things are getting out of hand now.” This is not it; last year we had so many ugly denim trends, we ran out of fingers to count!

Earlier this year, there was yet another trend by ASOS. The butt exposing jeans were dubbed crotch-less jeans, with the jeans, ripped in the middle and connected by chains. The reaction that Twitter gave to this then new-in pair by The Ragged Piece was so hilarious that eventually, ASOS removed it from its e-shelves. One Twitterer had written, “ASOS are pure taking the piss now.”

However, when compared to the previous crazy trends, thong jeans included, these new high-waisted jeans do seem to be more on the sensible side. Looks like people are so used to supremely awful trends, that this one actually seems good. If you think that these are more on the creative side, you can cop them for $38.