Tarte Cosmetics has just made some new additions to The Shape Tape Family. Of course, this leaves most of us over the moon. All these new additions are now available on the official website of Tarte Cosmetics. The makeup staples will be present in stores by February 4. Here is an in-depth look in what new items are included:

  1. Foundations

The first of the additions to The Shape Tape Family are two new foundations. The first one is a foundation with a matte finish that gives full coverage. The foundation is posed as a bonzer item that will cover all the flaws and lend you a look of perfection. The airbrush full coverage dries to form a flawless cover over your skin.

The formula is good at absorbing oil so that your skin is left looking creaseless and fully hydrated. The foundation is up for grabs for $39. The shades available are Fair Sand, Fair Neutral, Fair Light neutral, Light neutral, Light sand, Light-medium neutral, light-medium honey, medium honey, medium sand, medium neutral, medium tan honey, tan honey, deep honey, rich sand, and Mahogany.

The same foundation is also available without a matte but a hydrating finish. This is the second foundation that has been included in the collection. It is similarly priced to the foundation above. This foundation boasts a rich, hydrating formula that provides full creamy coverage. It serves like the Shape Tape Contour Concealer in a layer of smooth skin.

Image Source: Tarte Cosmetics

The hydration is provided to your skin by means of the hyaluronic and collagen infused formula that is like a rich, hydrating drink for your skin. The foundation also aids in keeping your skin plump and refines pores for straight 12 hours. All this is obtained without a caky look.

The colors available with this formula are Porcelain, Fair beige, Fair Light neutral, Light neutral, Light sand, Light medium beige, Light medium honey, Light medium sand, medium honey, medium sand, medium neutral, medium tan honey, tan sand, deep honey, and Mahogany.

The range of colors offered by these foundations is wide and it is easy to say that you’d be able to find your shade. You can also choose between the foundation type that your skin needs more whether it is matte or hydrating.

  1. Foundation Brush

There is a new foundation brush added to The Shape Tape Family. This is the new paddle to perfection foundation brush. The brush exhibits quality features of being vegan and cruelty-free.

The bristles are densely packed and super soft for ease of use. It is fairly priced at $28.

  1. Contouring Sponge

The third new member to this family of Tarte Cosmetics is The Shaper Contouring Sponge. The blending sponge is latex-free and is crafted with two flat sides. One of these sides is rounded and the other is a precision chiseled tip that can help to build and blend the makeup on your skin.

The Shaper Contouring Sponge comes at a price of $18.

Image Source: Tarte Cosmetics

  1. Eye Primer

The last of the new additions to The Shape Tape Family is an eye primer. This is another item that speaks volumes of perfection and precision in making.

There has been a lot of hype that has surrounded the disclosure of these products. The brand has teased us well and now that the full items of The Shape Tape Family are clear, the anticipation for them in only building up.