New school year, new you. The back to school season is daunting for many but it also brings along the opportunities to start afresh. It’s the time of the year when sullen faces make their way to classes after vacationing in the summer. In all truth, overall, this time of the year can be overwhelming for students. There’s the pressure to not make the same mistakes you made the past year, to be better in more ways than one and of course, to style appropriately and fit in.

Wondering how you should ready your closet for school season and need inspiration fast? We’re here to help. Here are 7 movies and television shows that can give you some styling tips for ensuring you meet school looking cool.

Leah Burke from Love, Simon

Leah Burke played by Katherine Langford in Love, Simon is a sassy character who might not be the most popular girl at school, but she’s also not the lamest. Leah’s looks comprise of jean jackets and hairbands. She can be called slightly hipster with her subtly kohl-rimmed eyes. Her overall style is casual yet cool. You can channel your inner Leah Burke without putting in any extra effort.

Peter Parker from Spiderman: Homecoming

Tom Holland did justice to Peter Parker’s role when he starred in the movie last year. This Peter Parker is very much like the one that we were used to seeing in the animated series. Peter’s dressing sense can be called simple yet eye-catchy. He wears round-neck shirts or plaid button-downs with pullovers. Jeans and sneakers are his go-to wardrobe essentials. If you are a fan of a crisp and neat dressed up style, take style pointers from him.

Aria Montgomery from Pretty Little Liars

Would you rather keep your high school fashion game funky and fabulous? Then derive your inspiration from Aria Montgomery from PLL. Lucy Hale played the role of the girl gang mate in the show that ended last year and made sure that her style was memorable. In the Freeform series, Aria can be seen rocking funky hair-dos sometimes with a blunt bob, other times with a streak of pink. She rocks skirts, boots, and jackets that make her stand out of the crowd.

Lara Jean Covey from To All the Boys I loved Before

The cute romantic movie just dropped recently on Netflix and has already garnered a lot of lovers. We’re not even exaggerating when we insist that Lara Jean’s style in the movie is too cute to ignore. Lara Jean, played by Lana Condor, keeps her hair tied up in a sleek ponytail and wears oversized jackets. She’s also a fan of ankle boots, tees and shorts. If you want to style this year in an adorable manner, she’s a movie character that can guide you.

Samantha Kingston from Before I Fall

Looking for some mean girl styling inspiration? Look no further; watch Before I fall. Even though the main character, Samantha Kingston played by Zoey Deutch, is technically dead in the movie, her fashion sense is pretty much alive. Samantha’s armoire comprises short dresses that a nice mean girl would opt for. Heels, stockings, and jackets make up her complete look.

Miranda from Wonder

First of all, know that you should watch Wonder if you have not already because of how beautiful the movie’s message is and how well the actors have played their roles. Secondly, you can also get some tips on how to style yourself up at school by closely investigating Miranda’s (played by Danielle Rose Russell) outfits. From her hair to her overall cool girl vibe, you’ll be able to pick some great styling cues from her even though she is just a side character in the movie.

Zach Dempsey from Thirteen Reasons Why

Looking for inspiration on how to dress like a high school popular kid? Take some hints from Thirteen Reasons Why star Zach Dempsey. The character is portrayed by heartthrob Ross Butler in the show. Zach is a nice guy despite being a jock (Not all jocks are destined to be jerks, okay?) and one thing is evident; his style profile is awesome. Fitted clothing, tees and jackets are this character’s picks. Also, he rocks a pretty cool haircut as well.

Maddy Whittier from Everything, Everything

Dress up with a touch of sophisticated and modern by following Everything, Everything’s Maddy Whittier’s style. The actress who plays the role of this character is Amandla Stenberg. In the movie, Maddy chooses light-colored clothes because she believes she is ill. She’s more of a white, sky blue and yellow wearing girl. But there’s no denying that her style is stellar and appealing regardless. It has a very posh feel about it.

Lydia Martin from Teen Wolf

Here’s another snazzy character to look up to. Lydia Martin’s role is played by Holland Roden. Lydia can be best described as a fashionista who always follows the latest trends despite there being trouble chasing her and her friends. If you are someone who doesn’t want to compromise on her fashion-forward style statement, this is the character to gain some styling knowledge from. Oh, and don’t forget to thoroughly note down all of Lydia’s hairstyles while eyeing her outfits!